224 Water Wars Team Names Ideas

Hi, have you decided to form a water war team? Don’t worry, we will give you a list full of perfect team names. But before that, you need to know all the fun facts and background of this super enjoyable game. Then you must be looking for some sweet table water war team names as well.

The water war or water fight is a kind of mock combat where participants carry water dispensing devices to soak others. The game sometimes includes water balloons, water guns, and water cups. However, the exact history of this game is known precisely. But most of the researchers think that most probably humans started to copy it after seeing elephants spraying themselves and others with water. In earlier days people used to play this game with the help of a bucket and various utensils. Modern water fights have been developed from actual military warfare, but unlike military combat, it is safe and doesn’t include any serious danger of injuring others.

Nowadays, water fights have been a traditional part of the Easter Monday celebration, especially in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is also very famous in the United States and other Western Countries. However, there are a number of different methods of this game to decide which side has won.

The game includes water guns that are made of metal and plastic. They are very light in weight and capable of carrying large volumes of water for a longer game period. It also contains sprinklers and water pipes that provide an unlimited water supply. Water balloons are another popular type of equipment for this game. They are filled with water and usually get thrown to a target by hand.

However, there are few places in the world where water wars have been banned earlier. In Muslim countries, especially in Iran, the temperatures often get higher during the summer. That is why water fights started to gain popularity over there. In 2010 water war was banned in the United Kingdom. But the government banned the game, stating that it was abnormal and disrespectful. It is also not allowed in the parks of London.

Now that you have spent your time knowing all the essential information about water war feel free to jump in the list and start looking for the most suitable name for your water war team.

Water War Team Names

  • Intoxicated People’s Team
  • Water Kickers
  • Hunting Beasts Down
  • Beer Guys Team
  • Deceiving The Foe
  • Water Matrix Club
  • Cold Water Weapons
  • Let’s Have Some Fun
  • Originating a Brook
  • Find The Draft
  • Sensuous Brew Drinkers
  • Hither Found Joy
  • Working For The Lake
  • No Pong Intended
  • The Hydrophobic Water Club
  • No Worry About The Water
  • Water Girl Shots
  • The Boys In The Pool
  • Water Comes First
  • Swallow Pool
  • Stealth And Predatory
  • Prepared For a Combat
  • Swaying Through Liquid
  • The Water Lovers
  • On The Tide
  • The Watery People’s Club
  • Forever In Water
  • Super Fighters
  • Three Water Guns
  • One For The Water
  • The Soak Fest Seige
  • Guns And Funs
  • Southern Pool Fight
  • Wild Water Guns
  • Liquid Bashing Club
  • Soak The Soil
  • Willing To Face-Off
  • Mop And Finish
  • Always On The Wave
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Best Water War Team Name Ideas

  • Cover And Damage
  • Leaving Off Vapor
  • Downing For Bliss
  • Moving The Water Guns
  • Better With H20
  • Town Trackers
  • Watery Brigade
  • Liquid Defense Force
  • Small Water Party
  • Deluge Avoiders
  • Shells Of Wrath
  • All For a Soak
  • Lake Winners Club
  • It’s All Fair Game
  • Burg Winners
  • Forever On Our Digits
  • Go First And Rake
  • Predators Of Water
  • Dark Water Fighters
  • Deep Water Lovers
  • Force And Soak
  • Burn With Water
  • Bull’s-Eye Group
  • Will Run For Gun
  • The Water-Contrary Club
  • Ballon Guys
  • Lurking In Water
  • Evermore In Hunt
  • Ready With Better Aim
  • The Water View Mirrors
  • Sorry For Soaking
  • To The Close Gate
  • Stronger Tide
  • Charge To Merge
  • Avoid The Danger
  • We State Fight!
  • Beast Mode Water Guns
  • Big Stream Blasters
  • Drift Walkers
  • Huge Lake Blasters
  • The Mob Attacks
  • Nix Pong Meant
  • Blue Wave Runners
  • The Water Power Club
  • Secreted Fighters
  • Yellow Water Guns
  • Typhoons On The Way
  • Driving To The Stream
  • The Soak Shunners
  • Ocean Canines
  • Helpful Approaches
  • Able To Withstand
  • Don’t Let Your Guard Down
  • Water Hunters
  • Cloudburst Winners
  • Kangaroos Of Water
  • Propelling a Current
  • Don’t Get Drenched!
  • The Junior Fighters
  • Ready For a Splash
  • Spray The Typhoons
  • Circumvent The Danger
  • Perilous Waters

Unique Water War Team Names

  • The Hydro Oxy Club
  • Still Coursers
  • Red Sea Killers
  • Showdown-Ready
  • Super Water Fighters
  • The Hydro Power Group
  • Surefire Soakers
  • Miserable Complex
  • Great Water Squad
  • Thunderbolts Club
  • Cougars Of The Rain
  • Rain Lovers
  • Defying The Assassin
  • The Water Jacket
  • Lovely Guns
  • Lancing a Rivulet
  • Serrosalmo Of Water Fight
  • Flying Away From The Soak
  • Forever Water Lover
  • Vengeance Is Soon
  • Red Buffaloes
  • The Opponent Evaders
  • Smoker And Soakers
  • Impersonating The Pool
  • White Typhoons
  • Jungle Water System
  • Penguins Of Iceland
  • Moist Ones
  • Land Rivers Club
  • Poised To Humid
  • Strong Tide Currents
  • Tiger Sharks Group
  • Rainwater Gale Champions
  • Leaving With Zeal
  • Freebooters Water Fighters
  • Sea-Hawks
  • Group Of Gators
  • Caterpillar Water Team
  • Winning With The Bang
  • Ocean Primates
  • It’s Dressing Hard
  • Flow Entrants
  • Berm Fights
  • Firefish Club
  • Silver Gun Shower
  • Screening In The Pool
  • The Water Set
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Catchy Water War Team Names

  • Ornate Fright
  • Ready For a Contest
  • Green Seahorses
  • The Waterproof Idiots
  • Hidden Scouters
  • The Vest Squirters
  • Antagonists Going Downhill
  • Saturating Fighters
  • Borough Pool Lovers
  • Bringing Our Best Ranges
  • Tsunami Guys
  • To The Succeeding Range
  • Projectiles Fight
  • Overwhelming The Puddle
  • Surge Passengers
  • Men’s Water Club
  • Empyrean Liquidators
  • The Liquid-Unyielding Prototypes
  • The Enemy Killers
  • Trojans Club
  • Starved Piranhas
  • New York Water Club
  • Woman In Water Combats
  • Team Tide Strength
  • No Refills Necessary
  • The Beer View Mirrors
  • On The Way
  • Always In Pursuance
  • Twisters Of The Water
  • London Water Babies
  • Waterlog And Slaughter
  • We Disclose Conflict!
  • Supplied With Good Guns
  • Indiana Water Ways
  • Infuse And Slay
  • The Water-Repellent Models
  • To The Subsequent War
  • On The Spring With Pipe
  • Sorry For The Splash
  • Going To Slop
  • Hibernating In Water
  • Six Deck Denunciations
  • Juicy Attack
  • Carefree Water Fight
  • Blue Fight Club
  • Spray The Man
  • Famished Killers
  • Hidden Splash
  • Battlefield-Psyched
  • Huge Water Fun
  • Team Blue Water Gun
  • Launch The Torpedoes
  • Kill With Water
  • Spray The Joy
  • Nothing Serious
  • The Water Of Fun
  • Unlimited Water
  • Tidal Flow Force
  • Grandiose Fighters
  • Blink And Soaked
  • Men In Serious Fight
  • Kill The Spray
  • Causing Our Best Pellets
  • Blue Whale In The Game
  • Calling To Imbue

Cool Water War Team Names

  • To The Ensuing Win
  • Curl Motorists
  • Team Green Water
  • The Senior Killers
  • Filibusterers Going Home
  • No Need To Worry
  • Will Grant Final Wish
  • The Water Celebration
  • See You Losers
  • Swift To Win
  • Six Feet Tall Guns
  • Full Of Water Balloons
  • Ready To Lose
  • Don’t Underestimate
  • Cruel Killers
  • Silent Winning Squad
  • Speedy-Fire Brooks
  • Men In Blue
  • Astronomical Water Fighters
  • Liquid Providers
  • Epic Trackers Group
  • Ten Versus Ten
  • Running Target Killers
  • Squirt Gun Assassins
  • Skipping The Balloon
  • It’s Becoming Serious
  • Weapons Are Ready
  • Skulking In Tide
  • Wretched Fear
  • The Dry Winners
  • Mission To Stay Dry
  • Limewater Launch
  • Water Hooligans
  • The Tsunami League
  • Current Winners

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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Water War Team Names

Get Inspired From Others

It is totally okay to take inspiration from some others famous names. We are definitely not suggesting you copy others, but you can follow and make your own name by reading other unique names. It will help you to get better ideas. You can also take help from experienced water fighters. If you already have some favourite winning team, you can choose their name to carry the legacy. But if you want a fresh and unique name, it is better to use a name that hasn’t been used before.

Get Help from Team Members

Don’t try to name your team alone. It is important to include others as a water fight is a team game. To develop a better team spirit, ask your team members and encourage them to give suggestions. Also, before choosing the final name for your team, don’t forget to discuss it with other members. If you have multiple options in the list, then feel free to organize a name selection vote before taking the final decision.

Pick a Meaningful Name

Don’t forget that the name of your team will represent you and other team members. Also, the name selection process allows you to have an opportunity to express the motto of your team through the name. If you want to represent your team as an excellent winner in front of others, pick a meaningful name. You can always send messages through the name of your team. Also, if you want to represent your locality and roots through your team’s name, you can always use the name of the place from where your team has been originated.


It is always important to know the basic facts of any game before selecting a name for the team. That is why to spend some time making yourself more familiar with the game. Also, if you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with others to create a beautifully unique name.

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