450+ Badminton Team Names Ideas That Make Your Team Stand Out

Everyone loves a sport. Badminton is one such sport where people do not only play to win in competition but for relaxation too. Learning badminton is quite much of an easy job than learning basketball or lawn tennis. Children from the age of 5-6 years also start playing badminton. It is a fun sport overall.

When people go for outdoor picnics, they usually carry rackets for playing badminton. But whatever be it among youngsters and adults, a sport is a sport. And they are surely going to team up to have a face-off.

All teams might not necessarily be official. Teams like these are informal. But teams made in schools, colleges, or state or national levels are formal. Whatever be the competition, usually under a badminton coach, several players go to play, and these teams require a name to represent themselves in the competition.

A sports team always needs a name that would motivate their players, a name that helps them lead to their goal. Here in this article, you will be able to find various kinds of names, so go ahead and hunt down a name for your badminton team.

Badminton Team Names

  • Double Faults
  • Let’s Mentors
  • Shuttle masters
  • Let’s Glow
  • Poachers
  • Pair the Aces
  • Bad Fastest Boys
  • Refuse Ultra Points
  • Fishy Racquettes
  • Bird Trouble
  • The Lose
  • Serve-Aces
  • Nice Stars
  • Pencil Bird
  • Fastest Pros
  • Shuttle Blacks
  • Love-Handlers
  • Rainbow Boys
  • The is Necks
  • The Infinity
  • Match Aces
  • Super Kings
  • The Offenders  
  • The Racqueters
  • No Violet Word
  • Smashers
  • The Bird
  • The Glow
  • Blasters
  • Bankstown Bird
  • World’s Super Rockies

Cool Badminton Team Names

  • Birdie Hustle Shot
  • Starting It Beats
  • Smash of Falcons
  • Best Serves
  • Topspinners
  • Flying that Racquets
  • Dare Us
  • Game Racket
  • Best Buddies
  • Bad Go
  • Fury Gravity
  • Smash Girls
  • Fury Mashmellows
  • The a Blockers Heroes
  • Strokers
  • Go, Shimmer
  • Golden Doubles
  • Stars and Racketeers
  • Shuttle Sorts
  • The Shimmer
  • Hotshots
  • The Hit
  • Champion Hard
  • The Shot
  • Let Heroines
  • Smashers
  • Tassie Acers
  • Flaming All Hard
  • Stars Us
  • Ultra

Best Badminton Team Name Ideas

  • Boom Dream Serve
  • Powershuttler
  • I’d Laka Mittons
  • Full It
  • Boomers
  • Morning Gravity
  • The Glory
  • Four Just Bad Racquets
  • Boomers Team
  • Shaka Attitude
  • Monash That
  • The Shots
  • Hustle Gravity
  • Bad Hit On
  • The Racket
  • Unmatchables
  • Big a Boom
  • Bad Hustles
  • The Bovines
  • Shuttles Boys
  • Flying Blues
  • The Swatters
  • BADminton Metal Smash
  • We To Mittons
  • Starting Players
  • Called Victorious Hit
  • Casual Warriors
  • Hold More Secret Bird
  • Tassie and Fly Sets
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Funny Badminton Team Names

  • Bye Birdie
  • Encino Fast Hard Attitude
  • Good Crack
  • Fury Too Evil
  • Double Alley Rackets
  • BADminton Go Setters
  • Xtreme Heroes
  • Bad A Gets
  • Too Insanity
  • Red Circle
  • Lobbers
  • Get Executioners
  • Pure Club
  • Strokers
  • High Slammers
  • Snap Furious
  • Net Squad
  • SuperKings Grand
  • Shuttles Gators
  • Bad Hustles
  • Just Home
  • Baddy The or Grip
  • Scorpions
  • Play Hit It
  • Champion Whines
  • Bye Blasters
  • Badminators
  • The Fives
  • Rocket Us
  • The Fine Fun

Badminton Group Names

  • Gators
  • Got the Infinity
  • Hot on Over
  • Net Drops
  • Net-Results
  • Gin Racketeers
  • One Rocker
  • Hit Birdie?
  • The Ninjas
  • Playtime and Slammers
  • One Fun
  • The Prophets
  • Sunshine Alley X-Factors
  • Double Riders
  • Choppers
  • Foot workies
  • Playtime Eyed
  • Grand Court
  • The Swatters Boys
  • Order Over
  • The Elephants
  • Anti-Strokes
  • The Knight Fly Jacks
  • Shuttle rockers
  • Two Coast is Chronics
  • Cracker Shots
  • The Smashers
  • Rising Jacks
  • The Smashers

Badminton Club Names

  • Playtime Whackers
  • Fast And Furious
  • Got Swaggy
  • Game Birds
  • All Set Pistons
  • Bombay Ballers
  • Tassie the Racquets
  • The Girls
  • Power shuttler
  • Cracker Assets
  • The Served
  • Shuttle Fault
  • Lobbers
  • Shuttle balancers
  • Dare Got Served Just Its
  • The Net Devils
  • Match Framers
  • Hawk Shields
  • You Sorts
  • Hall Boys
  • The My Blasters
  • Not Strings
  • Anti-Strokes
  • Diamond Ones
  • Badminton of Match
  • You Points
  • Champion Over
  • Cracker Young Girls
  • Lord Boys
  • The Golden tree

Badminton Court Names

  • Baddies
  • Chiggy Hercules
  • Xtreme Ones
  • Over Jackers
  • The Love Space n’ Giants
  • Grip Over
  • The drag Survivors
  • Smashers
  • The acquitters
  • Cool Stars
  • Baddy Masterpieces
  • Super Lobstoppers
  • Laser Rip
  • Scorpions
  • Little is Indians
  • One-Eyed to Hurts
  • Lobbers
  • The four Shots
  • The Men
  • Ace Young Squad
  • Everlasting Wonders
  • Refuse One Ninjas
  • Team Jacks
  • Playtime Queens
  • Assasins
  • That Wiggy
  • The Hit of Lose
  • Warriors of askafield
  • Rising Served
  • Bombay risers

Badminton Names

  • Beasts Coast Doe
  • Raquette Pencil Banda
  • Milwaukee Sweet Blood
  • The Princess hermania
  • Shuttle of Creators
  • Beating Shields
  • Pair Smashers
  • Team Smasher
  • Ottawa Riders
  • Sunshine Canucks
  • Champion Riders
  • The Slammers
  • Royal Whisperers
  • Vancouver Phoenix
  • Ghost Necks
  • Footworkers
  • Layout Beach
  • Ball Hitters
  • Beaters of bush
  • Monash Leafs
  • Rimshots
  • Spartans
  • Wolf Champions
  • Shuttle Senators
  • Power Blues
  • Toronto Maple Swaggers
  • Slay Rangers
  • Sonova Bruins
  • History Spots
  • Boston hangers
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Badminton Team Name Ideas

How To Name Your Badminton Team?

Naming is not always supposed to be tough. It all depends upon you and your team. It is based on what story is behind your history and on what basis or purpose you want to name your team. Naming requires a few factors to look into. It would help if you did not ignore these factors, as giving a random name to your team will bring you and your team no good.

Badminton is a high-spirited sport that involves both physical and mental activities. Your team’s name is the first thing people hear about when anyone mentions your squad, so it better be a good one.

Find the common ground among team members

The common thing that makes you a team is the best thing to start thinking about a name. The name must be relatable to the whole group and not just one person, and it is highly likely to divide the group rather than uniting it. The name must contain something which relates to all of you and brings you together as a team. Sharing something common even in the name would make you look more united as a whole.

Relate the name with something popular

Having a name that references something popular is the best way of searching for attention from others for the team. A team must have a name that allows it to stand out and be different from the rest. Popular reference also helps you gain more followers. You might want to use some popularity to gain some popularity of your own, that is naming by referring to some famous book or famous fictional character or some famous sports player too, etc.

The name should be precise and catchy

Precise names are always catchy and easy to memorize. People always tend to like easy stuff. Even the team members would not like to pronounce a long name each time they say something about the team. Precise names help you catch more attention of the team. And anyways, the team would love to experience some attention. Your fans will remember you and your team by this name forever, so choose wisely.

Get your team members’ views on the name

You are a part of a team. You might be searching for the name but what ultimately matters is whether everyone in the group likes their group’s name. Letting other people share their views will also help you correct mistakes and create a better name for the team. Also, it will help to eliminate any conflict beforehand only. Else it might be like later, some team players might not want that name to be their team name.

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Check for the availability of the name

It would be awful if you just go to a competition and find that another team having the same name has arrived there, and would be embarrassing as well as confusing. It is better to check beforehand whether that name already exists with some team or not. Since names are first impressions, having a name the same as another team would make your team look normal, with a little specialty in it. Choose or make a name that other teams do not have.


If you love badminton, you must have thought it through about naming. All sports teams require a name as a mark of identification, just like humans. People get to know us by our names, the same way they get to know the teams is by their names.

Name is a vital component for a team; it can be badminton, sport, or any group. When you are in a badminton team which is a great sport, you must get a name that perfectly suits your team and your team players. The name is the first impression of the team. Do not think now that naming s a big deal and you cannot do it.

We are here exactly for that purpose. We have prepared a bunch of lists of names for you so that you can choose anything you want according to your taste and preference. If you do not want to select, just read the factors and generate a name of your liking. Please make sure to share our article if you thought it was helpful, and we will be back again with more articles.

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