380+ Beauty Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Beauty in the present-day world is not just limited to women but has spread among men. Beauty brands are flourishing with various products in the market ranging from different beauty formulas and prices.

People are not just emphasizing the temporary outer look, which is makeup. Rather they want the skincare beauty products more. The demand for skincare products is increasing as people want to feel good from the inside rather than outside with makeup.

Fresh skin means a fresh mood which does eliminate procrastination from life. Ultimately these beauty brands have been in the market for ages, but what happens to new businesses. With the same formula, they make the same products with a little variation, and marketing strategy does help them to get valuable customers. But in the beauty world, there is one crucial thing, and that is the brand’s name. Branded products count as a great deal nowadays. People like to show the brand name more than the product. Hence you need to work well on the naming part. Names must create a good impression about your brand, which is essential for marketing.

Here are a few lists of names that might help you out in the naming of your business.

Cool Beauty Business Names

  • Everything’s splendor
  • Moderation Things the Moon
  • Marsh-mellow
  • Pretty Beauty
  • Allure Society
  • Radiate Glow
  • Smooth Solutions
  • Expert Lamp Skin Cruise
  • Fabulous Beauty Lovely
  • Beauty Beam Inc.
  • Beyond Makeup
  • Hook in Peony
  • Cherish is Remedies
  • Smoocable Baby!
  • Beauty Girl
  • Glow Zestful Magic
  • Your Pink Pretty
  • Sugar Girl Life Inc. Blush
  • Makeup Nail Blush
  • Brighten Up!
  • Tinder Beauty
  • Beauty Heaven
  • Lip Sync
  • Entice Glow
  • Beauty Gloss Spice
  • All Queen Everything
  • Bee Gold Canvas
  • Be Cool Veneer
  • The Nice Gloss
  • Spoil and Chill

Catchy Beauty Business Names

  • Sparkle Works
  • Sexy Lip
  • Cutie Friends
  • Happy Shine
  • Styling Dazzling
  • Gypsy Glow
  • Blossom Hair Gallery
  • Gloss Smiles
  • Nourish Lashes
  • Glamour Corp.
  • Beautiful corporation
  • Invigorate
  • Beauty Couture
  • Glitzy Ivory
  • Charming Eyes
  • Smooth Puzzle Eyeshades
  • Sparkle Lip Gloss
  • Spotless Deeply
  • Delightful Lip Smacks
  • Hydration masks
  • Bubbly mask
  • Petal Cosmetics
  • Curvy Floral
  • Cosmetics That Pink
  • Be Innovation
  • The Boss Nails
  • Nourish Flourish
  • Sugar Girl Queen
  • Flirty Cosmetics
  • Best Spa Fantasy
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Best Beauty Business Names

  • Polish Off Line
  • Beauty Ego
  • Color Stilletos
  • Secret Treats
  • Beauteeze
  • Sheer Nail Beauty
  • Unicorn Night
  • Just Polish Co.
  • Makeup Co.
  • Elegantly Junkie!
  • Bond-a-Lush
  • Moisturize First
  • Fresh Beautiful Delight
  • Kiss Road
  • Passport Chic
  • And of Adorn
  • Date Chic
  • Lovely Ever Chic World
  • Pretty Company
  • the Spruce Refresh
  • Master Marks
  • After Tempt
  • My Callous
  • The Boutique jewel
  • Sweet Curl
  • Flatter on My cheeks
  • Beauty Indulge
  • Boutique Me In
  • The Makeup Beauty
  • Salon to Cosmetic Drip

Innovative Beauty Business Names

  • Colors Boutique
  • Detoxify Source Nails
  • Blushes Shack
  • Spa-tacular
  • Flawless Look
  • Polishes & Bloom
  • Holland Toes
  • Rainbow Health
  • Charm Chic
  • Glam Ambience
  • Molecules Cosmetics
  • Illuminate
  • Salon Rosemary
  • My Nail Company
  • Nourish for red
  • Flirt of Gloss Store
  • My Glamour Lip
  • Blue Beauty Color
  • Peachy Roses Beauty
  • Be Lily of Bath
  • Beat Pop Ltd.
  • Stimulate Color Sensation
  • Queen Blissful
  • Creamsicle Inspiration
  • Skin Ties
  • Lovely Beauty
  • Elixir
  • Beauty Sprix
  • Refine Soul
  • Terrific Skincare

Creative Beauty Business Names

  • Brunette life
  • Skin Touch
  • Time Lashes
  • Flavor Beauty Lips
  • Apricot Shine
  • Pink My Tan
  • Urban Family
  • Skinny to Makeup
  • The Pretty Rhymes
  • Goddess Flawless
  • Cheeky Lily Makeup
  • Gleaming Spunky
  • The Shine and Glow Decay
  • Shine Gloss
  • Flirtie Cure
  • Beauteous Hammer
  • Chic Glamour
  • Golden Sun Pink
  • Makeup Lip Beauty
  • Water Galaxy
  • Retro Black
  • Fierce Swan & Touch
  • Esthetic Dazzling
  • Luv Treats
  • Halo Beauty Colors
  • Golden Cosmetics Skincare
  • Magic Balm Therapy
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Kiss Studio
  • Elegant New Queen

Latest Beauty Business Names

  • Fusion Cosmetics
  • Shinesation
  • Angels Queen Salon
  • Purity Paint
  • Flawless Glow
  • Unreal Gorgeous Appeal
  • Fuchsia Beauty
  • Sweet Beauty
  • Makeup Nudges
  • Eye Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Yellow
  • Royal Base
  • Glitter Passion
  • More Lips Kiss
  • Rose Blushes
  • Makeup oculus
  • Smokey Shades
  • Glamorous Cleaners
  • Day Loverz
  • Brixture Beauty Cosmetics
  • Luscious Beauty
  • Blushful Beauties
  • Goldie Cheeks
  • Mellow Fashion
  • Rosy Pretty
  • Beauty Perfectly Shop
  • Bloom and Sparkle
  • Beauty Sugar & Me
  • Maple Cosmetics
  • Plus Smile

Amazing Beauty Business Names

  • In Queen Charm & Looks
  • Angel Rose Cosmetics
  • Twilight Tones
  • Ruby Craze
  • Match Me
  • Golden Time
  • Lip Paradise
  • Makeup Glee
  • Glistening Makeup
  • Chic Blushes Lilac
  • Appealing Looks
  • Bright Look Rose
  • Birds Cosmetics
  • Velvet Cosmetics
  • MakeUp Smash
  • Bold Cosmetics
  • Glittering Storm
  • Makeup a-holic
  • Stay Frost
  • Cosmetic Star
  • MakeUp Skyliner
  • Makeup Nail White Pretty
  • That Gold Celebrity
  • Snow Blossom
  • Ombré of Peachy
  • Pretty Inspirations
  • Pretty Rainbows
  • Ms. Lily Coverage
  • Plum Emporium
  • Majestic eye cases
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Awesome Beauty Business Names

  • Magic Glow
  • Cosmetics Nails
  • Soft Shine and Lover
  • Mascara Makeup Puff
  • Shine Lipstick
  • Blush Filled Cosmetics
  • Perfect Salon Garden
  • Color Mascara
  • Bright Blossom
  • Baked White
  • Color Eye Kings
  • Citrus Eyeliner
  • Manic Beauty
  • High Cosmetics
  • Two Beauty Seals
  • Heavenly Pinks Make-Up
  • Pouty Girl
  • Gotcha Cosmetics
  • Medic Skincare
  • Pink Diamond
  • Ink Cosmetics
  • Beauty Girl’s Gloss
  • Glamour Wonder
  • Butterfly Match
  • Powder Shadow
  • Plum Boutique
  • Cosmetics Book Fairy
  • Magnificent Beauty Chicks
  • Glamour Beauties
  • Bronzer Pop Land

How To Name Your Beauty Business?

Naming is not as difficult as it seems. You need to shortlist the important relatable points to your business and create a name based on that. Beauty businesses are all about success. And this success does not come from the product quality and its packaging but also the brand name labeled on the product. Below are the pointers you will need to frame a name on your own according to your preference.

Read the explanation carefully because it is needed for name creation. Creativity also includes a lot of rules which determine how much of an impression it can get in the future.

The name must precise so that it is catchy

Precise names are the best for the beauty business because it becomes more catchy. No one likes to remember a long brand name and keep repeating that while talking about it. The shorter names are goal-oriented as the name will directly be able to suggest what type of products and services the business is presenting everyone with. Also, exact name means fewer chances of grammatical error.

The name must not hard to pronounce

Challenging to pronounce names create more confusion about the business name. It gets even more complex when the brand needs to be promoted, and people continuously mispronounce the name. There are high chances that people will get confused, and when articles about the business come out, the wrong name has been written in the article due to its mispronunciation. So the rate of risk-taking must be reduced at the start of the business.

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Get views of your employees and colleagues working on the brand

You know there are so many chances that you might be wrong somewhere while thinking about the name. A name does not promote a business. Rather, it is its identity. So please get views from others like the employees and colleagues working upon the brand and the business. They can also come up with various solutions and ideas.

Brainstorm your ideas

Get various pointers like what your business is about, what is your unique product or service, what are the words or adjectives relatable to your business, or maybe what is the story behind the starting of this company and jot them down. Think about these words, try to brainstorm your original idea about the name, and finally come up with the best one.

Relate popular stuffs with the name

Relating popular themes to your business names is best, especially if it’s a collaboration brand product. Association of movies and shows and creatures and products made based on that, like merchandise, is extremely popular. People like to buy something they have seen or read, so a name relatable to that is a great idea.


Getting the perfect name for your beauty brand is the ultimate game-changer. People love brands with cool, cute names stamped on their products. A brand name for any business is a compulsory thing. You know the name should give the people a feeling of luxury as if they shop from your business it will give them satisfaction.

A name can just set up a connection at any point, making sure you have some loyal customers at your doorstep. The higher the level of the company, the higher the demand and rush for their products, and people do not mind spending ample money on makeup, skincare, and hair care products.

Remember, it should not be similar to their business name and not too different. It should be just aptly unique among all the other brands.