450+ Candle Company Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you searching for some quirky candle company names? Then we are here to help you with some great candle company names that will surely blow your mind. People always like candles as it helps many people to get relief from their stress and anxiety.

People like to buy candles of different essence as they add an amazing aesthetic to the room or area where you keep them. To attract people to your candle company, you are required to get hold of a perfect name for your candle company that will make people come and visit your shop or purchase candles from your company.

It cannot be very clear for many people for which name to go for. We are here to help you guys lessen your confusion and provide you with the right names for your candle company.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the list of names we have suggested for your candle company.

Cool Candle Company Names

  • Waxworker Creations
  • Powdery Wax Corner
  • Brite Candles Odour
  • Rainbow Light
  • Wax candle
  • Good Kids More Spot
  • Fierce Trading
  • Candle Flames
  • Star Co
  • Wicks Co. Wicks light
  • Much  Kandle
  • Serenity Collective Illuminations
  • Wildflower
  • Warm & Feel
  • Cupcake flame
  • Tiny Paraffin Golden
  • Polish candle
  •  Candle Smells
  • Lighter Sense
  • Warm
  • Sharp Kandle
  • Glamorous
  • Candle
  • Things
  • Acrid Flavor Bleached
  • Elite Kris wiks
  • Dreams Breeze Ambrein Ambience
  • The Spice candle
  • The Scents Polish

Catchy Candle Company Names

  • Clever Attraction
  • Wax Pungent
  • Smells candle
  • Rush Wonders
  • Unmistakable Wicks Savory
  • Star Candles n’ Smell light
  • Candle Nauseating Rainbows
  • Agreeable Climb candle
  • Classy candle
  • Dark Home Candles
  • SlightSmell that Caddy
  • Heaven
  • Strange Sweetish Co.
  • Make your Candles
  • Appetizing Good
  • Glow quest
  • Great Bear Sick Powdery
  • Earth
  • Wonderful
  • Excited About
  • Carnauba
  • Honeymoon
  • DreamScents
  • Fantasy It Stench glow
  • ScentJoy
  • Serenity
  • Tiny Candle Place
  • All Wefts Burnt
  • Stone candle
  • Fabulous Wraps

Latest Candle Company Names

  • Knight Glow
  • Spent Path
  • Glass Wax
  • Snuffed Candle Scents
  • Nature’s Scent Light of candle
  • Mild Fine
  • Lomas Pro
  • Superlyn Company
  • Candle Warmers
  • Desirable Aroma
  • Rich Olfaction
  • Baseplate Co.
  • Pink Group Odour
  • Frosted Anise Full
  • Agreeable Vigil Collective
  • Gurley Candle Flame
  • The Sticky Candles
  • Candle Vana Flickering
  • Smoky Smell Burned
  • Aroma Smell
  • Bath Stale
  • Beautiful Chandelier Bad
  • Creative Life
  • The Décor light
  • Dismantle
  • Vigil light
  • Wax Radiance
  • Knight Waxy
  • Subtle glow to
  • Heated O’ Elevated
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Best Candle Company Names

  • Pleasant Aroma Wicks
  • Pioneer look
  • Pink Elegance Flavour
  • Earth Glo Flame Group
  • Fresh Wax
  • White Lucky
  • The Candle Warmth
  • Stronger Candles
  • Brief Candle Odor Slight
  • Welcomed Up
  • A Path
  • Slight Wonders
  • Multi-brand Pro Shop
  • Flickering Sense
  • Excessive Wax candle
  • Trading Meadows Candles
  • Hezi glow Company
  • Rotten Bling candle
  • Candles Aromatic Vigil
  • Lovely Candle Aroma
  • Characteristic Aroma
  • Candle Perception
  • Fresh Relaxing Match
  • Jangle Pine Co.
  • Consecrated
  • Aroma Wax
  • Bag Little
  • Bullfrog Smell Candlestick
  • Olfactory Perception Co
  • Flickers Candle Co.

Innovative Candle Company Names

  • Perhaps Delightful
  • Light Bee
  • Appetizing Olfaction
  • Wild Scent
  • Olfactory & Fire flair
  • Rona Spot
  • Wretched Senses
  • Incredible Feel Co Candles
  • Sweet Place Trading
  •  Collective Candlelight
  • Anise Scented Candle
  • Evil angle Appetizing candle
  • Ordinary
  • The Make Wicks
  • Pleasant Odour
  • The Candle Interior
  • Green Odour
  • Bedtime Candle
  • Bridgewater Aroma Wax
  • Stench Candlewic Carnauba
  • Cradle Polish Beautiful
  • Empire Consecrated Spot Collective
  • The Spirit The Earthy
  • Krona Breeze Pro
  • Creative Nature’s
  • Musty light Beeswax
  • Unmistakable Funny
  • Dry Foul
  • Welcomed
  • Rush Melted Co. Candles

Creative Candle Company Names

  • Lingering Taps
  • Strange candle
  • Appetizing Flavour
  • Light Aroma Candle
  •  Flavour Unlighted
  • Excessive Clean
  • Heziglow Scent Look Group
  • Ordinary candle
  • Large Candle Scents
  • Candles
  • Flourishing Wicks Senses Light Co.
  • Classic Rancid Prints Company
  • Melted Collective Creators Love
  • Soft Melted Candle
  • Creative Candle
  • The Beeswax dream
  • Face Red Angle
  • Wonderful candle
  • Candelaria Tips
  • Sickly Trading Kingz Serenity
  • Noah Co. n’ lite
  • The from Swan
  • Casanova Fragrant Cave
  • Spicy Wix Stratified
  • Paraffin Overpowering
  • Inch Candle Up
  • Glorious Excess Lux
  • Moutain Kandle
  • The Lil’ Candles
  • Typical Aroma Sandra

Amazing Candle Company Names

  • Pannel The Flames
  • Thumb wick
  • Ear Attraction Collapse
  • Shorties candle
  • Fragrant Glow sample Life
  • Vigil Feeble Captivating
  • The Shadow
  • Botanica Unique Thick
  • Pure Wicked
  • Get Wicks
  • High Studios
  • Light Candle Renacer
  • Sense flair Aroma
  • Gamble Olfaction Sweet
  • Unique Scent candle
  • Solid Works
  • Cold Odour Creek Wicks
  • Supernova Hibiscus
  • Olfaction
  • Sweet Pro Candles
  • Wax Paraffin Flaming
  • Circle and Dry Smell
  • Dry Wax Corner
  • Candle Flickers Rise Place
  • Earthy Delectable Co
  • Co Radiance
  • Stale Blessed
  • Serenity Spring
  • Electric Candle
  • Pure Pro & Fragrant
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Awesome Candle Company Names

  • Lightsource
  • The Archipelago Code
  • The Aroma Wax
  • Incredible Roman Elegant
  • Dadany Place Flame
  • Candle Thermal
  • Lone Acrid candle
  • Musty Look
  • North star wax
  • Feather Group candle
  • Last Candle Stink
  • Sons Feeling Glow
  •  Yeasty Botanicals Scents
  • Romance Trading Fame
  • Lux Odour
  • Candle and candle
  • Distinctive Flavour Country Candles
  • Hello! Spicy Rise
  • Comforting Aroma
  • Savoury Gentle Flame
  • Sniffles Wicks Co.
  • Olfactory
  • Delectable Aroma Perception
  • Olde Candle
  • Flickers candle
  • Zip Pop
  • Salty Gel Co.
  • Climb Chanukah
  • Good Collective
  • Consecrated City Co night
  • Wonderful Candles

How To Name Your Candle Company?

Are you looking for some candle names that will help you create a brand name in the market? Then we are here to help you with some ways of naming your candle company. Making a name all your own for your company is a very tricky job.

You need to make sure that your name also has the essentials in it that are required for a candle company. To guide you guys in the right way in this process, we are providing you with a little help from our side. It will help you get a clearer idea about what name you must go for and what name will help your company get more clients and succeed in your business.

So, without any further ado, let’s get through the points listed down below for you guys.

Go for a name that is short

When it comes to a name for your company, always make sure that you go for a name that people like. The people must be able to remember the name of your company. To make that possible, go for a name that is short and likable by the people. You can go for that by choosing a short name for your candle company. When you are going for a big name for your company, you will face some sort of problem with the name, like people can forget the name or misspell the name and many other problems. So, it is very safe to go for a short name for your company.

Make the name catchy

Making the name catchy is important if you want to make your business famous among other businesses. It would help if you always targeted a catchy name. Keep in your mind that your consumers are your indirect source of advertisement. Consumers who like your company will automatically suggest it to others.

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Like this, you will gain new customers. But if the consumers cannot only remember your company’s name, how can you expect they will advertise it? Going for a catchy name will only help you easily register your company’s name inside the mind of the consumers.

Go for an unique name

Many names market are very much heard related to candle business. Your aim must be to stand out from the other existing companies. If you go for a name that is very common across the market, you will not be able to stand out. You should target names that are rarely found yet very simple to pronounce. Even going for common simple names can be troublesome, and people might think you are a company franchise. So, avoid going for common names.

Make sure the name goes with your company

When opening a company, go for a name that is related to that company only. If you go for something unrelated to the company, it can misguide the customers. Customers won’t be able to understand your sector, and this might set a limitation for your customers. So, we suggest you go for a name related to candles or the candle business sector. This will make your job easier and help you achieve a successful business.


That was all for candle company names. We hope that the information was helpful for you all. The list of names we have provided you will surely help you get a hold of the perfect name you have been searching for. In case you want to be different, then go for a name created on your own will the help of the ways of naming that we have provided.

We will see you soon. Do share this article with your friends and family if you liked it. Till then, goodbye and stay safe.