450+ Catering Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

The catering service business means food, and food means love. But as exciting as it sounds in reality, it is not so easy to set up this business. It requires quite a handful of capital. So catering business implies that you run the company to hire several employees to cook and serve drinks and foods at a party, marriage function, or any gathering.

For that, a handsome amount is paid to you with which you give your employees their monthly salary. But handling a catering business is quite risky as you do not always have wedding and party functions all the year. In the off-season, your business might have just to suffer a lot. The first and most important part of the catering business is the food.

If the food is splendid, your business will flourish, so be careful while choosing the cook. The second important thing is the service which is how your caterers behave and serve food. You will need a good name for your company, even with a good business plan. With several catering businesses already in the market, you will need a name that makes you different from your competitors. Here are the names of the catering business listed below.

Cool Catering Business Names

  • Snacky Catering
  • Foodie Catering
  • Eagle Caterers
  • Have Events
  • Bits Catering
  • A Parties
  • Accent Company
  • Power Fine Pickle!
  • A+ Remember
  • Cater Catering
  • Firehouse and Grill
  • Brown Wheels
  • The C-Catering
  • Classics Catering
  • Slingin Catering
  • First-Class Catering
  • Gold Meals Company
  • Mediterranean Delights
  • Fruity Catering
  • BBQ On Catered
  • Royal Cravings Pieces
  • Apple Gatherings Bear
  • Fried on Star
  • Vineyard Catering
  • Reliable To Dine
  • Happy Barbecue
  • Fabulous You
  • Great Meal Chew
  • Something Roll
  • Zingy Circle Catering

Catchy Catering Business Names

  • Ace & Street Comestibles
  • A Me Cuisine
  • Delicious Foodies
  • Catering Carte
  • The Meal
  • Eat Point
  • Victory Values Piper
  • Green Services
  • Field Licking
  • Pies catering
  • A&A Catering
  • Finger Treats Cuisine
  • Bite Dinner
  • The Style Green
  • Feed Bunny
  • Catering Bowl King
  • Crystal Yum Company
  • Big LLC
  • 1st Caterers
  • Scrumptious Go
  • Core Bean Grill
  • Catering Delights
  • Coffee Shy
  • Tasty Pizzeria
  • Creek Caterer
  • Simple Melon Good
  • Alfresco Catering
  • Home Eats
  • Pitstop
  • la Good Catering
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Best Catering Business Names

  • Willow’s Catering
  • Class Cafe Company
  • Java on Catering
  • Fire Cuisine Shots
  • The Notch Home Catering
  • Party Kitchen
  • Hot Catering
  • Cooking Catering
  • Hungry Deluxe
  • Cater Favorite
  • Cocoa Pie Kitchen
  • Party Grilled Catering
  • Fresh-A-Round Bbq Catering
  • Apple Favours Caterers
  • Chefs Company
  • Able Spot Chic
  • Korean Catering
  • Melony’s Catering
  • Taste D’s Catering
  • Delis’ Catering
  • Dark Time Bake
  • Wait for Catering
  • Triple Catering
  • Easy Fire Catering
  • Chez Catering Company
  • Top Sweet Services
  • All-Star Amigos Catering
  • Your nachos
  • Judy’s Salsa Trade

Innovative Catering Business Names

  • Perfection Fresh Company
  • Kitchen Catering
  • Nutritious To Party
  • Satisfaction Caterers
  • Garden Catering
  • Easy Catering
  • Sweet & Favorite Catering
  • Bon Vivant Service
  • Bunz Quick
  • Bussy Catering
  • Creator’s Catering
  • Healthy Tummies
  • Black Service
  • Cheffers Catering
  • Gate Catering
  • Bring Food Catering
  • Lunch Catering
  • Comfort Makers
  • Yours Cook
  • Elite Grubz Services
  • Easy Forest Company
  • Amici Wheels
  • Incognito Guests Catering
  • Alfalfa’s Catering
  • Yummy Chef Company
  • Catering Planet Divine
  • Simply Foodie
  • Spice Master Cooking
  • Picnic Service
  • Seasoned Simple

Creative Catering Business Names

  • Next Level Catering
  • Lover’s Delight
  • Above-Beyond Catering Company
  • Accelerated Delivery
  • Acclaim Catering Service
  • Bird Dem Plate
  • Thyme Eat-N-Park
  • Gracious Catering
  • Capital Company Catering
  • Bite Food Service
  • Berkey Events
  • Affordable Catering
  • A-List Caterer
  • Tastes Co.
  • Blue of Caterers
  • Bella Great Banquet
  • Merry Bites
  • Jenny’s Cuisine
  • Garden Drink Catering
  • Hungry Take-Out Goodies
  • Creative Dine Company
  • Poly Catering
  • Alfresco Services
  • Art Catering
  • Fabulicious Inc.
  • Accuracy Cuisine
  • The Accomplished Chef Agency
  • Ace of Clubs Catering Service
  • Bite Back Catering
  • Acme Food Service Company

Latest Catering Business Names

  • Advanced Gourmet Buffet Incorporated
  • Aesthetic Catering and Event Planning
  • Out to Lunch Catering
  • Happy Days Catering
  • Tasty Treats Catering Co
  • Plate Catering
  • Blue and Purple
  • Best Catering
  • By Origin Catering
  • Martian comfort Catering
  • Good here Cuisine
  • Full Cordon Kitty Catering
  • Forks Chef’s Kiss catering
  • Snack on Chow
  • The Catering Attack Plate
  • Picnic Blues Co
  • Bleu Design Catering
  • Puppy Table
  • Le Event Caterers
  • Fork Catering
  • Bistro Views
  • Delta Wheels
  • French on Go
  • Butlers Service
  • Indian Catering
  • Mind Caterers
  • Savory Catering
  • Fork in the Road Catering
  • All You Can Eat Company
  • For Serving You Catering
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Amazing Catering Business Names

  • Simply Delicious Caterers
  • Hotplate Hospitality
  • A Good Appetite
  • Bang for Your Buck
  • Artistic Cuisine
  • Shindig Grill Caterers
  • Delicious Service Catering
  • Five Appetite Delights
  • Snowflake Appetites
  • Star Catering
  • Jake’s Plate Catering
  • Be Above Catering
  • Bean Full Chef Catering
  • Dazzling Hero
  • At Dishes Fare
  • Ace Company
  • Events Catering
  • Bubba Cool Catering
  • Cut Your Catering
  • Amazing Happy Central
  • Night Catering
  • Special-D Catering
  • Pastry Catering
  • Mouthwatering Service
  • Customize caterers
  • Dessert Is Good
  • Drinks like a Shark
  • Fruit Salad Is Free
  • Candlelight Catering

Awesome Catering Business Names

  • Arnold Food Services
  • Avery Catering Company
  • Spice boss
  • Cupcake caterers
  • Gourmet Caterer
  • Home Catering
  • Flavor Biz Catering
  • Barbecue Catering
  • Artistic Delicacies
  • Woodland Catering
  • Jug’s A-Plus Cooking
  • Gourmet Taste People
  • Party caterers
  • All Desserts Catering
  • Sugar Bed Catering
  • Legends Catering
  • Bake Spice You
  • Just Culinary
  • Délice
  • Le Seat and Queen
  • Choice Chef Kitchen
  • Grand Occasion Hospitality
  • Catch Foods Catering
  • Sorento’s Kitty Design
  • Freezer Catering
  • Barbecues burned Caterers
  • Good Service Fresh
  • Fine Made It Petite

How To Name Your Catering Business?

When you try to name your own business, you give a lot of scope to that name to be more specific and relatable to your own business. But one simply cannot think of a name. You will have to brainstorm a lot of your ideas. Jumble them up and see which solution is best suited for your business.

A catering business is a food-related business, so the name should not be way too professional. It should have the feeling of homeliness as if the food your business is serving will make people closer to each other. So read these explained points to get to know well how you should generate a name.

The name must be simple, precise, and easy to memorize

Getting names that are short, simple, and non-complicated is the easiest option. They surely are easy to memorize. Also, customers or clients love it when they see a short and unique business name. Honestly, nowadays, hardly people like long stuff in their conversation. Rather always go for abbreviated forms.

The name must be relatable to the business

A business that sells foods and etiquette has a great value in society. Everyone loves to eat undoubtedly. So when you pick out or create a name of your preference, make sure it relates to catering so that the clients can also easily think what this business is about when they hear a name.

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The name must be easy to pronounce

People are busy nowadays. With a nonstop life and fast conversation, obviously, you would not like a business name that is difficult to pronounce and cuts into conversations every time you speak about it. Names should go with the flow without causing many hindrances.

Checking the availability of the name is important

Now even if you finalize a name for your catering business, you cannot be totally 100% sure that it does not exist already. You need to check for it so that you can have an authentic name and can eliminate any problems regarding the copyright issue. You can go to online websites where you can check the availability of business domain names.

Get opinions of other people regarding the name

When you are creating something, you tend to make mistakes. And also, you will be creating a name based on what the boss wants the business to be rather than what the mass wants. So think about the mass by getting their views like your friends and family who would be easily able to help you out.


The name must be chosen uniformly, thinking about all the aspects which can eliminate the risks and make it perfect. Finding a perfect name for any business is the task of the professional, and you might want to take suggestions from them.

This business is more about providing service rather than selling products. And services, when provided, have to be done really gently and humbly by not offending any guests. This job requires a lot of patience; hence, when hiring people, you must choose them wisely. However, the name of any business is vital, so we hope you find your perfect one suitable to fit on your business card.