400+ Graphic Design Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Graphic designs are basically like art and craft, which are done digitally. It usually has posers or creating a template or maybe a message to convey to others. Graphic designs are being used a lot nowadays.

For instance, a company sends a meeting invitation to its staff or other company, so along with the e-mail, they can send a graphically designed template that has the motto, date, time, and venue of the meeting. This creates a nice impression showing how serious and eager is the company to have the meeting.

Also, on social media nowadays, a lot of accounts are creating graphically designed paintings and showcasing them. This is a huge platform to show their talents. You need to be technically really efficient to do graphic designs. With the increasing need, start-ups of a single person or even companies are coming up with the idea of graphic design. But in order to need a company, you need to have a good name which gives you a good reputation.

Graphic designs have an artistic viewpoint, so the business name should also suggest that along with being unique. The more creativity in names, then there are more chances to attract customers.

The names have been listed below.

Cool Graphic Design Business Names

  • Color Design Creative
  • The Marion Creative
  • Lunar Exhibits
  • The Blossom’s Design
  • After Grafx
  • Hacker Designs
  • Stevens Fin Design
  • Union Designs
  • iPrint Design
  • Black Design
  • Chase and Studio
  • Boss Reflections
  • Elite Dark Group
  • Two Cat Brain
  • Bolder Media
  • Color Design
  • Creative Designs
  • Bird Graphics
  • Storm Twelve
  • Union Group
  • The Limitless Shop
  • Evolved Ridge Company
  • Raxa Rock Graphics
  • Rainfall Studio
  • Three Bear Design
  • 5th Four Team
  • Design Creative
  • Blue Media
  • Lure Design
  • Grey Box Logo

Catchy Graphic Design Business Names

  • Storm Eleven Media
  • Connected Design
  • Fly Design Square
  • Comics Places
  • Sandbox Dots
  • Feels Moon Studio
  • Brain Pixels Inc.
  • Designomotion
  • Domani Screen
  • Dancing Designs
  • 24 Graphic Corner
  • All Seven Studios
  • Media One Inc.
  • Fastsigns
  • Full of Creativity
  • Colart
  • Studio Ok Graphics
  • Dogtown Fish Bend Design
  • Pixxel Studio
  • InDesign Studio
  • Design Group Design
  • Dog City Studios
  • Department Magic Kid
  • Consilio Graphix
  • Retro Media
  • The Art Pro Graphics
  • Orange Graphics
  • Crowded Canvas
  • Oh Rooster
  • Fire belly Evolution
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Best Graphic Design Business Names

  • Art Productions
  • Alice Pixel Design
  • Bad of Diaries
  • Conjure
  • Manual Graphics Creative
  • Bizbox
  • Casta Bound Design
  • Designage
  • Art-E Flows
  • Domani Media
  • The Branding Studio
  • Speedpro Inc.
  • Schack! Rabbit Places
  • Visual Junkie
  • Method Studios
  • Fuller Orange Inc.
  • Royal LTD Design
  • Blue electric Creative
  • Glory Media
  • You’re Graphics Press
  • Prestige Graphic Bytes
  • Promedia
  • Psyop Marketing
  • Minuteman Productions
  • Goto Imaging
  • Squirrel Design
  • Sandbox Bernat Design
  • Scott Aspect Design
  • Q Juice Design
  • Atlanta imprints

Innovative Graphic Design Business Names

  • Idea Point Design
  • Mucca Marketing
  • Less Design ‘Design’
  • Prime Inc.
  • The Aurora Graphics Inc.
  • Mentor Design
  • Finer Traffic Ink
  • Graphica
  • Blake World Co
  • Mucca Design
  • Point Graphics
  • Sign + Graphic Learning
  • Quad Advertising
  • Tony Five Marketing
  • Pearlfisher
  • Pivot Designs
  • Firebelly Advertising Corporation
  • Miracle Duty
  • Graphic Brand and Design
  • Fresh More
  • Partners USA
  • Design House
  • Virga Industries
  • Inspired Marketing
  • Big Designers
  • Machine Design Inc.
  • Owen Expo
  • Signature Inc.
  • Service Graphics

Creative Graphic Design Business Names

  • Tie New and Visionaries
  • Creative Life Designs
  • Dog Designs
  • Zero Designer Graphics
  • Live For Design
  • Digital Primitive and Graphics
  • Handmade Graphics
  • Double Hive
  • Granted Shop
  • Evolved Firm
  • Solid Graphics
  • Suit Designs Graphic
  • Graphic Group
  • Hot Digital
  • South Graphics
  • Hipster Designs
  • Mucho Yard Design
  • Creative By Designs
  • Go Digital
  • The Rooster Design
  • ModGraphic
  • Fine Creative Vision
  • Design down Team
  • Design a Graphicomo
  • Creative Juice
  • UpShift Design
  • Future Corner
  • Build Graphics
  • Brooklyn Services

Latest Graphic Design Business Names

  • Colin Print Ink Studios
  • Kelektive
  • Pixel Graphic P Design
  • Graphix 7 Coggins
  • One Graphics
  • AArt Designs
  • The AND Evolution Inc.
  • Lunar Studios
  • Studio Associates
  • Joe Graphics Design
  • Kateixels Inc.
  • Fractured Graphics
  • Underdog Design
  • Magic Keating Branding
  • Great Group
  • Sandhill King 1080
  • Pixel Indicator
  • Junior Bytes
  • Promedia
  • Psyop Media
  • Lure Graphics Designs
  • MasterGraphics Sense
  • Impress Design
  • Atlanta Screen Inc.
  • Phoenix Inc.
  • Art on the loose
  • Graphixmoon
  • Pitman Effect
  • Image Six

Amazing Graphic Design Business Names

  • Iconic Borders
  • Visual of KUDOS
  • Good Objective
  • Breezy Time it Design
  • Graphic Storytelling
  • The Switch Up Genius
  • Red Manifesto
  • A Creative Rules Visuals
  • Photostrations
  • Design Thread
  • Riot Elements
  • Idiom Design in Rock Inc.
  • Ideas Graphics
  • Work Design
  • Pride Studios
  • Rise Reworked
  • Simply Graphics
  • Real Imaging
  • Slide on Concepts
  • A Quality Purpose
  • The Graphic Interactive
  • Let Art Design
  • Paper Slice
  • Depictions
  • The Ride Grafix
  • Picturcation
  • Top Transmission
  • Design Tech Graphic
  • New Illuminators
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Awesome Graphic Design Business Names

  • Grafix Theory
  • Photostratus
  • VitaCreo Studios
  • Bird works
  • Silver bullet graphics
  • Composure Graphics
  • Rainbow Shine
  • Click Rock Design
  • Solar-Rise Inc.
  • Feels Designs
  • Gotcha graphics
  • Designocracy
  • Graphicsmith
  • Connected Graphicology
  • Oasis Corner
  • Retro Graphix Beams
  • Montero Studio Switch
  • Red Eleven Graphix
  • Indigo Canvas
  • Motionless Studio
  • Future primitive graphics
  • Mega Print Promo
  • Sparkle Be Design
  • Sull Graphics Inc.
  • Tell Your Tale
  • Alpha Studio
  • Eclectic Dots
  • InDesign Graphics Centre
  • Comics One Square
  • Rave On Demand Graphics

How To Name Your Graphic Design Business?

If you got the right name for your business, then we must say you have succeeded at it. But if you do not want to choose a name from the list or you might find that those names are not fit or perfect for your business, then we suggest you just create one. Creating a name is the best solution as you would know what type of things you would prefer.

But also for that, you need to read some guidelines which determine what a business name should have in it. It is a professional task as the name will finally be the business’s identity.

The name must be simple and short

With so many trademarks on names available, choosing or creating a name can be difficult. You might like the name but suddenly see it has already been taken. The best possible solution is to go for simple and short names which are much authentic to your business and relatable also. A simpler name means fewer chances of grammatical error and less chance of getting copied.

The name must not have tough spelled words

With tough words comes tough pronunciation, which also becomes difficult to remember. Customers find long-named, tough-spelled companies annoying. If you want your business to spread worldwide, then you cannot name your company by your region’s language. People worldwide can’t interpret the meaning of the name of your business and know what it is actually implying.

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The name must give the impression of professionalism

The name which is to be chosen or made is for a business. A business is a professional sector. Your name should not suggest it is some group of friends teaming up to make graphic design. Rather, it should suggest that your business is willing to create graphic designs and sell them to its customers.

Get creative with the name as the business is arty

The business is all about digital art and craft. The name of the business should also suggest that. If names are misleading, it becomes difficult for customers to know what the business is about, which eventually causes a loss in business. With an artistic name, you will be able to create curiosity and commotion among customers.

Get more feedback from others

Getting feedback always helps. You might not always be right while choosing or creating a name, and would like a name which you want to give your business. But the goal is to think what customers are going to think when they hear about your business. You might want one thing, but how will that be interpreted. The only way to know is by getting feedback.


Was getting the name that tough? We tried our best to help you out through this article. Starting a business that has so much creativity in it must be really tough. The field of creative arts is extremely competitive these days. You can merely thrive your business with just a few graphic designs.

Your business needs to be up to date with daily releases of graphic designs. Remember, there is no boundary for creativity, so set no boundaries. When you get ideas, just put them out through your designs. With the world becoming technologically proficient, these new types of business ideas will surely thrive.

We hope it was helpful. Then please do share it with others, and we will be back again with more such content.