120 Guitar Names From Fiction, Real Life, and Name Ideas

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on guitar names! Naming your guitar is a fun and creative process that can enhance your relationship with the instrument. In this section, we’ve gathered a list of 120 guitar names from various sources, including fictional characters, real-life musicians, and our own unique ideas. Whether you’re looking for the best, most unique, or popular guitar names, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Choosing the perfect name for your guitar is a personal decision that reflects your personality and style. A great guitar name can give your instrument a sense of character and make it stand out from the rest. In this section, we’ll explore a range of guitar names that are sure to pique your interest. From classic and vintage names to creative and cool names, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into the world of guitar names and find the one that suits you best.

Get ready to discover the best guitar names that will make your instrument truly special. We’ve curated a list of popular guitar names that will inspire you to come up with your own unique name. So, whether it’s a nod to a favorite musician or a clever play on words, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for our comprehensive guide on popular guitar names, unique guitar names, and the best guitar names out there!

Famous Guitar Names That Made History

Some guitar names have become just as famous as the musicians who played them. From classic and vintage to modern and unique, these names have left an indelible mark on the music world.

Famous Guitar Names

The following table lists just a few of the many famous guitar names that have made history:

Guitar Name Associated Musician
Lucille B.B. King
Blackie Eric Clapton
Flying V Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Lonnie Mack
Frankenstein Eddie Van Halen
The Edge’s Stratocaster The Edge (U2)

Classic Guitar Names

Some guitar names have been around for so long that they’ve become classics. These vintage names evoke a sense of nostalgia and can transport us back to a particular era of music history.

  • Old Black (Neil Young)
  • Buzzard (John Lee Hooker)
  • Goldtop (Les Paul)
  • ES-335 (B.B. King)
  • White Falcon (Chet Atkins)

Vintage Guitar Names

These vintage guitar names span many genres and are associated with some of the most influential musicians of all time:

  • Mississippi Queen (Leslie West)
  • Red Special (Brian May)
  • Black Beauty (Les Paul)
  • The Log (Les Paul)
  • Big Red (George Harrison)

Whether you’re a fan of classic or modern guitar names, there’s no denying that these names have had a lasting impact on the music world.

Guitar Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

Playing the guitar is an art form that requires creativity and self-expression. Naming your guitar after a fictional character is a unique way to showcase your personality and add character to your instrument. Here are some creative and cool guitar names inspired by fictional characters:

Fictional Character Guitar Name
El Mariachi La Pistola
Tony Stark The Iron Shredder
Johnny B. Goode Chuck’s Axe
Jules Winnfield Ezekiel’s Fury
Darth Vader The Dark Chord

These guitar names are just a few examples of how you can take inspiration from your favorite fictional characters to create a unique and creative name for your guitar. Whether you choose a name that reflects the character’s personality or a name that represents their weapon or tool, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and find a guitar name that perfectly showcases your individuality.

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Legendary Guitar Names from Real-Life Rockstars

Real-life rockstars have a knack for giving their guitars unique names that capture their personalities and make their instruments stand out. These catchy guitar names have become legendary and are often synonymous with the musicians themselves.

Guitar Name Musician
Frankenstein Eddie Van Halen
The Fool Paul McCartney
Blackie Eric Clapton
The Edge David Howell Evans (U2)
Brownie Eric Clapton
Lucille B.B. King
Old Black Neil Young
Trigger Willie Nelson
Gypsy Queen Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
Red Special Brian May (Queen)

These unique guitar names have inspired countless musicians and fans alike, and continue to be celebrated even years after their creation. If you’re looking for a guitar name that’s catchy, memorable and represents your personality, take inspiration from these legendary guitar names.

Guitar Names Inspired by Genres and Styles

Music genres and styles evoke different emotions and have their unique characteristics. Naming your guitar after a genre or style can enhance your playing experience and make your instrument even more meaningful. Here are some of the best, most creative, and cool guitar names inspired by various genres and styles.


The blues genre has a rich history and culture that has inspired countless musicians and guitarists. If you’re looking for a guitar name that reflects the soulful and emotive sound of the blues, consider one of these:

Best Blues Guitar Names Creative Blues Guitar Names Cool Blues Guitar Names
Crossroads Blues Elixir Blue Moan
Midnight Special Delta Queen Slowhand
Red House Bluesberry Swamp Thing


Jazz is a genre known for its improvisation, swing, and rhythm. Naming your guitar after a prominent jazz musician or a classic jazz term can be a great way to pay homage to this genre. Here are some jazz-inspired guitar names:

  • Blue Note
  • Birdland
  • Miles
  • Lady Day
  • Night in Tunisia
  • Django


Country music often tells stories of life, love, heartbreak, and the great outdoors. If you’re a country music fan, consider one of these guitar names that embody the country spirit:

  1. Lonesome Dove
  2. Cowboy Up
  3. Sweetheart of the Rodeo
  4. Red Dirt Road
  5. Starlight on the Prairie
  6. Big Sky


Rock music has many sub-genres, from classic rock to punk rock and everything in between. Naming your guitar after a rock legend or a rock term can demonstrate your passion for this genre. Here are some guitar names inspired by rock:

Best Rock Guitar Names Creative Rock Guitar Names Cool Rock Guitar Names
Bruce Riff Raff Black Sabbath
Purple Haze Jukebox Hero Thunderstruck
Stairway to Heaven Strutter Iron Man

These are just a few examples of the many guitar names you could choose from to reflect your preferred genre or style. Get creative and have fun naming your guitar!

Unique Guitar Names for Personalization

Giving your guitar a unique name is a great way to personalize it and make it stand out. Here are some popular guitar names to inspire your creativity:

  • Midnight – A sleek and sophisticated name for a dark-colored guitar.
  • Blaze – A fiery name for a guitar with red or orange hues.
  • Harmony – A name that emphasizes the beautiful sound a guitar produces.
  • Phoenix – A name that symbolizes rebirth, perfect for a guitar that has been refurbished or restored.
  • Aurora – A name inspired by the natural phenomenon of colorful lights, ideal for a guitar with a unique finish.
  • Majesty – A name that exudes royalty and grandeur, perfect for a guitar with exquisite craftsmanship.
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Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique guitar names. You can draw inspiration from your favorite things, experiences, or even feelings. The more personal the name, the more meaningful it will be to you.

Tip 1: Consider the guitar’s characteristics, such as color, shape, and sound, when choosing a name.
Tip 2: Think about the style of music you play and choose a name that reflects that genre.
Tip 3: Try incorporating your own name or nickname into the guitar’s name for a personalized touch.

Remember, the key to choosing a great guitar name is to have fun and let your imagination run wild. Whether you choose a popular name or come up with your own, your guitar will always have a special place in your heart.

Guitar Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

If you’re a fan of literature, movies, or TV shows, you’ll love these guitar names inspired by fictional characters. These creative and catchy guitar names will add a touch of personality to your instrument and help you stand out from the crowd.

Johnny B. Goode

The iconic song by Chuck Berry not only inspired a generation of musicians but also made a great name for your guitar. With its catchy rhythm and memorable lyrics, “Johnny B. Goode” is the perfect name for a guitar that’s just as cool and legendary as the song itself.

El Mariachi

The mysterious and enigmatic character from Robert Rodriguez’s movie of the same name inspired a whole generation of guitar players with his virtuosic playing. Naming your guitar “El Mariachi” is a great way to channel his energy and passion into your instrument.


One of the most famous guitar names in history belongs to B.B. King’s beloved instrument. He named it after a fight he witnessed that caused a fire and almost lost his life. From that day on, he called his guitar “Lucille” as a reminder to never put himself in danger again. Naming your guitar “Lucille” is a touching tribute to B.B. King and a testament to the power of music.

Guitar Naming Tips and Ideas

Naming your guitar can be an exciting and creative process, but it can also be challenging. With so many options, how do you choose the best, most unique, or popular guitar name? Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started:

Consider your guitar’s personality

Does your guitar have a distinct look or sound that inspires a certain name? Think about the characteristics that make your guitar unique and try to capture them in the name. For example, a guitar with a vintage style might be named “Old Soul,” while a guitar with a bright tone could be called “Sunburst.”

Take inspiration from your favorite musicians

Do you have a favorite musician or band? Consider names inspired by their music, lyrics, or even their guitar names. For example, if you’re a fan of Jimi Hendrix, you might name your guitar “Purple Haze” or “Voodoo Child.”

Use puns or wordplay

Get creative with wordplay or puns to come up with a catchy guitar name. For example, a guitar with a natural finish could be named “Woodstock” or a guitar with a bright color could be called “Rainbow.”

Think about your guitar’s genre

Consider your guitar’s genre and take inspiration from the artists or songs that influenced you. For example, a blues guitar might be named “Midnight Train,” while a country guitar could be called “Dust Bowl.”

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Keep it simple and elegant

Sometimes, a straightforward and elegant name can be just as effective as a creative one. Consider names that reflect the beauty and simplicity of your guitar, such as “Grace” or “Harmony.”

Ask for input

Don’t be afraid to ask for input from friends or fellow musicians. They may have ideas you haven’t considered or can provide feedback on the names you’ve come up with.

Remember, the best guitar name is one that reflects your personal connection to the instrument. Whether you choose a popular, unique, or creative name, make sure it’s one that resonates with you and enhances your playing experience.

Naming Your Guitar: The Importance and Impact

Choosing a name for your guitar is more than just a fun or creative exercise. It can have a significant impact on your playing experience and the relationship you have with your instrument. Here are some reasons why naming your guitar matters:

  • Personal Connection: Giving your guitar a name can create a personal connection between you and the instrument. It can make it feel like more of a companion and less of an object.
  • Creative Expression: A guitar name can also be a way to express your creativity and personality. It’s an opportunity to add a touch of individuality to your instrument.
  • Mindset: Naming your guitar can also affect your mindset when playing. It can help you get in the right headspace and feel more connected to the music you’re creating.

So, what makes a great guitar name? It really depends on your preferences and what speaks to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Creative Guitar Names: Choose a name that’s unique and reflects your personality, such as “Midnight Serenade” or “Electric Dream.”
  • Cool Guitar Names: Consider names that have a cool or edgy vibe, such as “Blackout” or “Rebel Heart.”
  • Inspired Guitar Names: Look to your favorite songs, movies, and books for inspiration. For example, “Stairway to Heaven” or “Sgt. Pepper.”

Ultimately, the best guitar name is one that feels right to you. Take some time to think about what you want to convey and what makes your guitar special to you. It’s a small but meaningful detail that can enhance your overall playing experience.


As we come to the end of this article, we hope you’ve gained inspiration and valuable tips on how to choose the best guitar name for your instrument. Whether you prefer the classic names that made history, the creative names from fiction, or personalized names that reflect your unique personality, the goal is to create a special connection between you and your guitar.

Remember, the name you choose for your guitar can have a significant impact on your playing experience. It can be a source of motivation and inspiration and can help you create a performance mindset. So take your time and choose a name that resonates with you, one that feels like a true reflection of your artistic vision and style.

We hope this article has been helpful in your journey towards finding the perfect guitar name. Best of luck in naming your instrument, and may it bring you many years of musical joy and inspiration!