450+ Soap Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Did you know that soaps can offer you immense comfort and relaxation, whether you are making so or creating a whole collection of soaps and indulging yourself in their aroma? Soaps come in various types, and each one has its own benefit, with some having medicinal purposes, some having cleaning for process, while some have been designed explicitly with aroma and medicinal herbs to provide you with relaxation and relieve your stress.

You can either use soaps to alleviate your stress after a hectic day at the office, or you may use them to relax by admiring them and enjoying the scent of these things. If you have turned your hobby into your career and plan to launch your business very soon, we are very happy for you, and I wish you all the luck with your new venture.

Now, as much is concerned with the name, you can leave that to us because we have already created this article for your help. Now all you have to do is read through this and pick the correct method for name forming, or you can also pick a name directly for use.

Cool Soap Business Names

  • Plain Jane Body Wash
  • Smells Like Spring
  • Cream Soap
  • Soapy Sisters
  • Ivory Cleanser
  • Libby’s Lil’ Bubbles
  • The Spa Girl
  • Dead Sea Soap Company
  • The Perfect Shower
  • Kinky Lavender
  • Scattered Petals and Roses
  • Liquid Soap Solution
  • J’Adore La Lavande
  • Soap Bar Manufacturing
  • The Happy Tree Soap
  • Purity Soap
  • Philomena’s Soap
  • Purple Unicorn Soaps
  • Apothecary Soap Works
  • Bath-o-Plenty
  • Naked Soap
  • Minty Land
  • Lime Crush Soap
  • Blandford’s Finest Soaps
  • Miraculous Lather Works
  • Cashmere Soaps
  • Sunshine Handcrafted Soaps
  • Big Red Soaps
  • Purely Pampering
  • The Smelly Sheep Soap
  • Into the Woods
  • The Soap Zone
  • Bath, Body and Beyond
  • Butter Scrub Bubbles
  • Squeaky Clean Soap Company
  • Pure Home Soap

Catchy Soap Business Names

  • Scrub my Duds
  • Ivory & Co Soap Company
  • Bay Rum Soap
  • Llama Washin’ Soap Company
  • Sand Castle Designer Soap
  • Bitter Orange Blossom Solutions
  • London Calling Soaps
  • Peppermint Splashes
  • Lollipop Soap
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Merry Citrus
  • The Smelly Alley Soaps
  • Tropical Delights
  • Coconut Scents
  • Cold Weather Therapy Company
  • After Earth Soaps
  • C’est Moi Soap Company
  • Archer’s Choice Natural Soap
  • Froggy Bubbles Soaps
  • The Babbling Brook
  • Anne and Rose Soaps
  • Milk and Honey Soap
  • Spa by Nature
  • Sicilian Sunshine
  • Lather and Handel
  • Ocean Wave Bubble Baths
  • Honey Drips
  • A Penny for Your Soap
  • Bubbles Galore
  • Luxurious Bar Company
  • Mr Suds to You Soaps
  • A Shower of Stars
  • The Phoenix Soap Collection
  • Cozy Bedtime Soap Company
  • Dawn Catcher Soap Company
  • Purple Rain Fragrances
  • Clean Since 1972!
  • Zesty Orange Soap
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Aromatherapy Body Wash
  • Savvy Soaps
  • Beauty and the Bath
  • You’re in Good Hands
  • Soap Shack
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Best Soap Business Names

  • Lasting Impression
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Busy Lathers
  • Freshly Laundered Soap
  • White Wave Soap
  • Foam-Away Bubbles
  • Sensations2feel
  • Blooming Naturals
  • The Bubble Factory
  • Scented Earth Soap
  • Cottage Magik Soap Company
  • Tea Tree Soap Company
  • Ancestral Alchemy
  • Green Groaning Soap Company
  • Honey Bee Bath Works
  • The Divine Soap
  • Royal Baths
  • Glisten Up
  • Bay Brewed Soaps and Treatments
  • Urban Spa Company
  • Deluxe Bathology
  • Green Life Soap
  • My Soap Box
  • Black Friday Soaps
  • Soaps aplenty
  • Great Soaps
  • Wash and Peppermint
  • Soap on a Rope
  • Shave of Approval
  • Scentsy
  • Scrubs and Beyond
  • Soap Making Kit Store
  • The Frozen Lotion Factory
  • 24 Carrots Natural Soaps
  • Baby Powder Soap
  • Bubbles
  • Butter Up – creamy and smooth!
  • Soap Box
  • Spa of Tomorrow
  • Sweets for the Skin
  • Eye Candy
  • Après Soap
  • Pink Pearl Soap
  • Hand Crafted with Love
  • Rise and Shine Soap
  • Scandalous Beauty Products
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap
  • Creamy Lathers
  • Lilac Nectar

Awesome Soap Business Names

  • Amethyst Soaps
  • The Lather is Good!
  • The Flying Soap Company
  • Calendula Spa
  • Soapsicle Bars
  • Cedar Lake Soap
  • Lush on the Shore
  • A Touch of Elegance Soaps
  • The Gossamer Foam
  • Fresh-Pressed
  • My Little Bird Soap Works
  • Pamper Luxe
  • Sudsified
  • All-Natural Cleansing
  • Always Arriving Soaps
  • Blissful Secret
  • Soapy Secrets
  • Butterfly and Pear Soaps
  • Sprout Handmade Soaps
  • Tall Oaks Soapworks
  • The Lather Logo
  • Extra Pure
  • The Charming Soap Company
  • Beautiful You and Me
  • Moisturize or Die!
  • Pear Blossoms & Grass
  • Scent Unscented Soap
  • Aloe Cure
  • Grass Roots Soapworks
  • Fresh Flo
  • Earthly Delight Soaps
  • A Touch of Magic
  • Wood Notes and Berries
  • The Village Soap Company
  • The Cajun Spice
  • Up & Go Soap Company
  • Chelsea Bath And Body Shoppe
  • Benson’s Natural Soap
  • Bubble Gum Soap Shop
  • Hand-milled Soaps
  • Grab a Bar Soap
  • Earth Altered Products Corp
  • Awesome Scentuals
  • The Mousse Soap

Amazing Soap Business Names

  • Honey Soap Friends
  • Gourmet Fresh Soap
  • Pretty Pumpkins
  • Crafty Crayon Soaps
  • Faux Acacia Soap
  • The Amazing Dye Bees Soap Kitchen
  • Dreamy Days and Nights Shower Skincare
  • Smells like Home Soaps
  • Incognito Soap Company
  • The Soap Safari
  • The Enzyme Soap
  • Swanky Suds for You
  • Apricot Foundry Soaps Company
  • Soap, Rinse, Repeat
  • Land of Enchantment Soap
  • Gorgeous Botanicals
  • Lather Up
  • Oatmeal and Honey Company
  • Original Bath Works
  • Rainforest Natural Bath Soaps
  • Glamour Bath and Body
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Soap Bars
  • Soap Flakes
  • Fun Time Soaps
  • Dreams Come True Soaps
  • Colors of the Rainbow
  • Sassy Green Soaps
  • Aiden’s Naturals Soap Company
  • Bathing with Bubbles
  • Jean’s Bubbles
  • Glowing Dirt Remover
  • The Old Potting
  • Balms and Creams Natural oils
  • Lakeside Soaps & Scrubs
  • Liquid Luxury Soap Company
  • Soaps Galore
  • Ambrosia Soap
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How To Name Your Soap Company?

Use a cutesy name with words associative of soaps

Not every business can have a cute name or something with a lovely element attached to it, and soaps are one of those rare products that can help you come up with a name that is very cute and attractive in nature. That at hundreds of reasons why you can make the name very cute if you want to, and an example would be using the word suds in your name

Soaps and suds are an example we can provide, but we will also want you that you might not be able to use them. This is a common idea that has already been put forward by many. However, you can use this name as an inspiration and try focusing onwards on what will make your day cute and sweet while keeping a desirable factor attached to it. All you need is creativity and a little bit to help you with such a name.

Keep the name mild like most of the soaps that you are opting for

Most soaps that are used for relaxation or cleansing purposes are quite mild in nature except for a few that have already in described as strong by the company. Those used for relaxation will probably be mild according to the ingredients that you use, and we also suggest that you keep the name mild in your soap.

Many times the sent that is put into the soap is mild while summer is intense. However, customers mostly prefer going for soaps with a mild Aroma until and unless they already have decided to buy something strong for specific purposes. Similarly, we advised that the name you choose is not consistent with words that do not match your products. If you are focusing on soaps that are specifically meant for relaxation, then you should go forwards that are related to it, which can be described as mild.

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Consider taking an adequate amount of inspiration for the naming process

Since there are various types of soap and soap businesses that have already made their mark in the market, you must create something that will set you far from others and leave your imprint on people. It would help if you were something that people are instantly attracted to and that we will remember because of your quality and appearance. Your appearance will also include your name because, as you already know, this will be the first thing that customers will come or cross when they try to know your brand.

Try focusing on the purpose of your soaps

Again at this point, we will remind you that the name that you choose should be related to the soap that you are selling. As we have already told you, hundreds of types of soaps are available, all of which are for different uses. Based on the service that you are preparing them for and manufacturing them for, your company should have a name that is complementary to these qualities of the product. If you are a seller of soaps that are concerned with beauty, then you should not name your business on dirt but rather work on words that are associated with beauty and so together.


Essentially hope that you found it easy to understand the points that we have tried to explain to you. If you find any difficulties in this article, you can definitely down below in the comment section for us to explain it to you thoroughly. We will try our best to help you whenever you ask for it, and therefore you should never hesitate to come back to us. As of now, we must believe you goodbye but not before reminding you to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you very much for your consideration.