440 Tennis Team Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you planning to invest in a tennis team? Or are you planning to own one? Is it that you are a tennis player, and you can’t find the best name for you and your tennis team? Well, whatever the reason may be, this article should help you to find the perfect name for your tennis team.

Let us know a bit about the game first. Tennis is a game played with rackets. It can be an individual game or a duel game. In simple words, the player uses a tennis racket to hit a ball and send it to the opposition party’s court. While hitting the ball, the target should be to hit the ball in such a way and at such an angle that the opponent shall fail to make a return hit. But that is just a simple and basic rule. There are some special strategies and rules that you must maintain in order to score in a tennis game. This scoring structure is very important in this game. If a player is unable to return the ball to the other party’s court, he will not gain a point, but his opponent shall.

This game originated back in the 19th century in England. At first, it was known as “lawn tennis”. The equipment needed for this game is not so hard to find- you just need a racket and some tennis balls to play with. But yes, there are some certain specifications which must be there in a tennis racket and a tennis ball. Make sure to go through them before buying a racket or a ball.

This game is played on a rectangular and flat surface. By measurement, the surface is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide (for singles matches). In major cases, a carpet is laid on the surface for indoor play. Other than that, grass or clay surfaces are usually the ones where tennis is played. Generally, the best of three tennis matches last around 90 minutes. Whilst the best of five matches can last as long as two hours and 45 matches.

This article shall help you to find the best and perfect name for your tennis team. What’s more? We shall also provide you with some handy tips with which you can find out the most unique team name. Let’s dive in!

Tennis Team Names

  • Cool Tennisers
  • Tennis Courtiers
  • Serving Backhand
  • Balls n Rackets
  • Now Serving
  • Tennisaholic
  • The Net Attackers
  • Team Hotshot
  • The Tennis Clashes
  • The Tennis Eagles
  • Fast4 Tennis
  • Perfect Strokers
  • Serves n Grips
  • Tennis Backhanders
  • Gripping Eastern
  • The Racket Science
  • The Half Volley Serve
  • The Tennis Slammers
  • Hit The Ball
  • Strong Gamers
  • Get, Set, Game!
  • Breaking Back
  • Team Pro Setters
  • Called To Serve
  • Kings Of The Court
  • Here For Victory
  • Serve Please
  • The String Courtettes
  • Smashing Nets
  • Team Tennis Gold
  • The Net Girls
  • How I Met The Racket
  • Screw The Balls
  • Team Strong Grip
  • The Tennis Wizards
  • Team Tennisylvania
  • The Quick Servers
  • Tennis Hotshots

Unique Tennis Team Names

  • Grab The Ball
  • Love For Tennis
  • Court Love
  • Ball Whackers
  • What A Racket!
  • The Tennisanity
  • The Forehand Shots
  • Crazy For Tennis
  • The Racket Lovers
  • The Big Hitters
  • The Serve Rangers
  • Team Tennisfornia
  • The Forehand Club
  • Rocket Game
  • Three Serves Please
  • The Mid Court Angels
  • Ace Ventura
  • Challenge In Tennis
  • We Aren’t Losers
  • Serving Lasers
  • Team Great Britain
  • The Terminettors
  • The Net Smashers
  • Ace Bandages
  • We Got Backhand
  • Strong Strings
  • Tennis Gamerz
  • Tennis Officials
  • Junior Tennisers
  • Seniors Tennisers
  • Team, Go, Tennis
  • Courts n Stance
  • Team Forehanders
  • Team Tennis Ragers
  • The Continental Grippers
  • Balls n Volleys
  • The Grand Slammers
  • The Serve Gods
  • The Racket Scientists
  • Team 100 Scorers
  • The Ball Busters
  • Mind Your Net
  • You Just Got Served
  • The Tennis Junkies
  • Team Diamond Tennis
  • The Double Servers
  • The Net Boys
  • Meet Your Serve
  • Team Whacqued
  • The Open Stancers
  • Witches Of Tennis

Catchy Tennis Team Names

  • The Lucky Racket
  • The Grand Slammers
  • Tennis Addicts
  • Team Tennisers
  • The Wimbledon Winners
  • The French Open Winners
  • Eye For Grand Slam
  • Hard Serves
  • Team Attackers
  • Serving Forehand
  • We Got Forehand
  • No Strings Attached
  • Team Tennis Mexico
  • Strong Tennis Grip
  • Balls n Grips
  • Team Backhanders
  • The Western Grippers
  • The Volley Shot Makers
  • Aiming Grand Slam
  • The Serve Goddesses
  • Queens Of The Court
  • Hit n Run
  • The Mid Court Kings
  • Team Unmatchables
  • Strong Servers
  • Team Laser Shot
  • Tennis Rockerz
  • The Tennis Fathers

Cool Tennis Team Names

  • Whack The Ball!
  • Get A Grip
  • Tennis Angels
  • The Ball Whackers
  • The Backhand Shots
  • The Three Racketeers
  • The Tennis Stancers
  • Serving In Courts
  • Grip n Serve
  • Tennis Forehanders
  • Made For Volley Shots
  • Made For Grand Slam
  • The Court Impressers
  • Team Angels
  • Shoot The Serve
  • Hits n Servers
  • The Fire Hitters
  • Tennis Jammers
  • Serves n Slams
  • The Net Setters
  • Grip n Rip
  • Shooting Lasers
  • The Closed Stancers

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Tips To Make Good Tennis Team Names

Choose A Name Based On The Famous Tournaments That Your Team Won

Is your team a pro tennis team? Well then, your team must have won some prestigious accolades in the tennis field. In that case, choosing a name for your tennis team as per the tournaments it won, would make a great team name. This will show the audience that how great a team you are. It will show that it is a talented tennis team indeed.

You can name your team based on famous tournaments such as Wimbledon, Grand Slam, French Open and others.

Choose A Name Based On The Serving Styles

Find out what serving style the players in your team have. Does someone have a backhand serving style? Or a forehand serving style? Or do all of you serve to have volley style?

Choosing a name based on the serving style will be quite relatable and connectible to a tennis team. Therefore, go for it!

Choose A Name Based On The Stance

Same as the above-mentioned point, find out the stances that each player in your team has. You should note that whether the players have an open stance or a closed stance.

Just like the above-mentioned points, choosing a name based on the stance will become a strong name for your tennis team.

Choose A Name Based On Your Game Level

It is very essential to choose a name for your tennis team based on the level in which the players play. For example, it would be quite absurd to name your tennis team as the “French Open Winners” if your team has only played at the junior level. Then again, choosing a name for your senior level team such as the “Tennis Rockstars” becomes an unattractive name. Therefore, it is best to choose a name based on the game level your team is at.

Give Catchy And Creative Name

Catchy and creative names will keep your tennis team in trend. Plus, along with that, giving an attractive name becomes essential so that investors are willing to invest in your team. This is because the names of a team are an important factor to note while investing in it. So, make sure to choose a unique name for your team.

Your Team Name Must Be Easy To Understand

Imagine giving such a complicated name to your tennis team that nobody found it to be an intelligible one. Seems bad right? So always opt for a name for your tennis team which shall be easily pronounceable.

Along with that, you should also keep in mind that- it should not be an absurdly long name. Your tennis team name must consist of three words at maximum.

Modify Your Team Name Based On From Where You Came

This shall be an interesting tip. You can always modify your team name based on the places from where the players came. For example, if majority of the players belongs from Pennsylvania, you can recreate the name as “Team Tennisylvania”. Or, if all of the players belong from California, you can modify the name as ‘Team Tennisfornia”.

This is a very interesting tip because it will help you to create a unique and attractive tennis team name, which shall be loved by the audiences indeed!


So, this was it from our side! Hope you loved the names we have created for your team! We wish you all the best. May your tennis team win the best accolades that there are in the game of tennis. If it is a junior-level tennis team, worry not. Just practice smartly and then one day your team shall definitely win the Wimbledon or the Grand Slam.

The name of your tennis team is an important one- therefore do not hurry. Take your time to come up with the best name for your team. You can also ask others whether the name that you choose is great or not.

If you found this article to be an interesting and helpful one, please do share it with your fellow tennis team players, so that they can also choose the perfect team name.

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