Cycling Team Names: 166 Cool Biking Team Name Ideas

Want to generate a perfect and unique name for your cycling team, but do not know how? Fear not, we are here to help you! Cycling, as we all know, is a vehicle having two wheels. it is mainly used by people for short-distanced transportation.

It’s not that cycles only have 2 wheels. In many cases, one-wheeled cycles (called unicycles), three-wheeled cycles (called tri-cycles), or even four-wheeled cycles (called quadricycles) are known to have been in use. Cycles (mostly bicycles) are so popular that approximately one billion people in the whole world tend to use them. One reason why is it is that the cycles are much cheaper in comparison to other sorts of vehicles. But then again, you can only go to a short and moderate distance through a bicycle.

Now let’s come to the main point- Cycling competitions. Yes! there are indeed cycling competitions. People who participate in these competitions are generally known as cyclists. There are different types of competitions- such as road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, cycle speedway, track cycling, mountain bike racing, and others. For ultra-distance cycling competitions, we have the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association as the governing body.

In recent times, bicycle competition is also acknowledged as an Olympic sport. Bicycle competitions are also popular worldwide- specifically in Europe. Some of the countries best known for organizing bicycle racing are Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and others. Other than these, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia also have taken up bicycle competitions. It is the road of bicycle racing where you can compete in a team. These competitions usually take place from the spring season and all through the autumn. There are various types- it can be a one-day race or a criterium. Or it can be multi-staged events like the Tour de France.

If you are a hardcore cyclist, competitions will motivate you to improvise yourself. It will help you to correct the wrongs that you tend to do while cycling. So, it’s great of you that you are thinking of participating in such competitions.

Have you already found a team to compete in these races? Well, then congratulations to you! Now, you can read this article and find the best and perfect name for your cycling team. What’s more? We also have generated some important tips, with which you can come up with a great cycling team name.

Best Cycling Team Names

  • The Red Cyclers
  • Love For Cycles
  • The Cyclo Styles
  • The Cycle Peddlers
  • Get Set Peddle!
  • X Wheel Clan
  • Cycle Tribals
  • The Cycle Ladies
  • Make It Move
  • Us On Wheels
  • Wheel Patrols
  • Cycles n Saddle
  • The Saddling Ladders
  • Chaining Cyclers
  • Dancing On Pedals
  • Rounds n Rounds
  • Cycle Club
  • Riding On The House
  • Sweet Home Cyclers
  • They See Me Rolling
  • The Cyclomaniacs
  • Love The Way You Cycle
  • The Cycle Boys
  • The Cycle Girlz
  • The Chasers Five
  • Harry Cycler
  • Riding In Style
  • The Cycle Strollers
  • The Cycle Smokers
  • The Cyclaholics
  • Graduates Of Cycle Corp.
  • Gears N Beers
  • Awesome Wheelers
  • The Cyclerettes
  • Team Blue Cyclers
  • Have Some Pace
  • The Cycle Divas

Cycling Team Name Ideas

  • The Cycle Riders
  • The Cycle Tourers
  • Road Soldiers Cycle Club
  • Usa Cycle Riders
  • Fast n Furious
  • Get Set Wheels!
  • The Cyclopaths
  • The Cycle Hustlers
  • Slow But Steady
  • The Peddling Battalion
  • The Power Patrollers
  • The Power Cyclers
  • The Cycle Corporation
  • The Road Rashers
  • Wheeling Rounds
  • Cycles n Loops
  • The Chain Sequence
  • The Cyclers 11
  • Pedal Through Storm
  • The Cycle Redemption
  • Cycle Town
  • Dashing On Wheels
  • The Fast Riderz
  • Rolling Cyclers
  • Brigade On Cycles
  • The Roadiez
  • Wheels Don’t Lie
  • Cycle Shady
  • Lord Cyclemort
  • Cycle Spears
  • The Cycle Stormers
  • Reading Cyclopedia
  • Rotating Paceline
  • The Cycle Blinders
  • University Of Cycling
  • The Cycle Express
  • The Estrogen Express
  • Paddles N Vodka
  • The Cyclards
  • Team Wheelers
  • Fun On Wheels
  • Roll A Cycle
  • The Cycle Reaction
  • Team Black Cyclers
  • The Smoke Battalion
  • Want A Ride?
  • Cycles n Damsels

Creative Names For Cycling Team

  • The Cyclathoners
  • The Cyclethes
  • Ride In Style
  • The Furious Wheelers
  • Ride Till You Die
  • The Chainsters
  • The Cycle Rash
  • Tribe On Peddle
  • Raging On Wheels
  • Cycling In Sequence
  • Cycling In Loop
  • Charlie’s Cyclers
  • The Cycling Demons
  • Cycle Tania
  • Team Scorpio Cyclers
  • Bike Heaven
  • The Cyclepaths
  • The Cycle Brigadiers
  • Albus Cycledore
  • Cycles n Storms
  • Breaking Wind
  • The Chain Reaction
  • The Vicious Cyclers
  • Moony Cycletail
  • Got No Brakes
  • What A Ride!

Biking Team/ Club Names

  • Two Wheel Thrillers
  • The Cyclopedia
  • The Pedal Gods
  • The Furious Riders
  • Slow Road Demons
  • The Cycle Clan
  • Tribe Of Wheels
  • The Cycling Warriors
  • Battle n Cycle
  • Power Puff Cyclers
  • The Dashing Cyclers
  • We Are Cyclos
  • The Cycling Wizards
  • Cycle Swift
  • The Swift Cyclers
  • The Cycle Troopers
  • The Fast Pacers
  • The Cyclurious
  • Superfast Cyclers
  • The Cycler Supers
  • Cycler
  • The Fast Downhillers
  • Born To Cycle
  • The Cycling Witches
  • The Cycle Magicians
  • Pedal Power
  • Move It Like Cycler
  • All The Cycle Ladies
  • Cycles n Angels

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Tips To Make A Good Cycling Team Name

Make A List

Before jumping into choosing the perfect name for your cycling team, calm down and take a pen and paper instead. Now, jot down the names that you prefer from the above mentioned name list. This will help you keep a record regarding which are the names you chose, and which are the ones you strike off.

Take Suggestions From Cycling Terms

Giving a name based on various professional cycling terms will help you create a relatable and connectible name for your cycling team. If you are still not a professional in this field and you have zero ideas regarding what terms there are, you can always go through the Internet to find the terms. In this era, the Internet is our best friend indeed!

But, if you are a pro and you know a lot about cycling, give yourself an appraisal and start jotting out some of your favorite cycling terms. And then create a name for your team on the basis of that.

Find Similarities In Your Team Mates

As said earlier, your team name must be a relatable one. The team name should reflect you and the other team mates. Therefore, find the similarities that you and the other team mates have. It may be some popular Hollywood song or a movie. It can be a lucky number. Or it can be a famous professional cyclist who is all of your inspiration. Just be a little creative while choosing a name. That’s it!

Take Inspiration From Movies Or Songs

Yes! You can create a team name based on your favorite movie or songs. This will surely make your team name a creative and attractive one. For example, your team name can be “Wheels Don’t Lie” (from the song Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira), or “Love The Way You Cycle” (Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna)

You can also take inspiration from movies and create names such as “Cyclers 11” (Oceans 11), “Charlie’s Cyclers” (Charlie’s Angels), “The Cycle Redemption” (The Shawshank Redemption).

We have created some mind-blowing names for your cycling team. Go through the list and choose the perfect name.

Take Inspiration From Your Favourite Series

Hey, you can also take inspiration from your favourite series. Such as- Peaky Blinders can become “Cycle Blinders” or Breaking Bad can become “Breaking Wind”.

You Can Create A Funny And Humorous Name

Yes, we understand that the competition your team is participating in is quite a professional one, but it’s not like your name should be one too! You can always choose an all-out humorous name for your cycling team. You can be as funny as a joker or as serious as a nerd. Do whatever you like!

Show The Names

After you make a list of names, show them to someone. Ask them that whether the names you chose are attractive or not. If they say yes, both of you can discuss and come up with THE ONE PERFECT NAME. But if he says no, please do not get depressed. Rather start afresh. It’s okay!

Also, do not forget to take suggestions from the other teammates. Choosing a team name should be teamwork. If the duty of choosing a name for your team is upon you, then choose a name. But don’t forget to take the opinion of other teammates.


We hope that now you have zero confusion regarding what to name your cycling team. We assume that we have been successful in answering all your questions regarding how to come up with the perfect name. Make a list and jot down the names that you prefer. Do not forget to take the suggestions of other teammates too!

All the very best for your upcoming competitions! If this is your first competition, do not panic. Just give your best shot.

We hope you loved this article. Do you know other cycling teams who are facing problems regarding choosing a great name for their team? Well then please do a favor and share this article with them!

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