560+ Fire Dragon Names

Naming a dragon is fun especially when they are red-themed and have fire all over them. These types of names are not simple instead; they are fire, fierce and ferocious. There are a lot of questions and myths about the existence of dragons but you shouldn’t bother about it.

People are always fascinated by dragon stories. Dragons have also existed as mythological creatures in stories. Talking about dragons and listening to their stories is quite fascinating. Dragon said usually considered to have wings and they are scary creatures they also have the ability to breathe fire and utter magic.

If you are looking for fiery dragon names, you have come at the right place. We have created a list of fire dragon names and you will find some of the best ones here:

Fire Dragon Names

  • Blaze
  • Ananta
  • Bonfire
  • Armworming
  • Campfire
  • Bullet
  • Ember
  • Blacksmith
  • Flame
  • Bomris
  • Flare
  • Remobarth
  • Glow
  • Uruloki
  • Starblaze
  • Hearth
  • Rai
  • Gale
  • Capala
  • Snowfall
  • Luminosity
  • Choryrth
  • Pyre
  • Etoirir
  • Scorch
  • Dezenym
  • Sear
  • Jergintarth
  • Spark
  • Unniass
  • Tinder
  • Kallika
  • Munja
  • Tatsuya
  • Saar
  • Brinsop
  • Warmth
  • Danym
  • Vritra
  • Errol
  • Chrysophylax
  • Drake
  • Falkor
  • Drachenstein
  • Arrow
  • Firner
  • Dart
  • Katla
  • Grymre
  • Leviathan
  • Bryddris
  • LockHeed
  • Etag
  • Rheagal
  • Pachua
  • Jommed
  • Shenron
  • Thorn

Female Fire Dragon Names

Are you looking for some female dragon names? If yes, this list will definitely work for you. You can also see the meaning of the names and keep the female dragon’s names according to your preference. Some of the names sound exciting from their name only. Most of these names have fire in them.

Here’s a list of female dragon names to choose from:

  • Adalinda

“Originates from and refers to the noble serpent. Its other names are Adelind, Adelinda, Adelinde, Adelonda, Dalinda, and Aethelinda.”

  • Malinda

“Malinda means black/dark or sweet serpent. It is also written as Melinda or Mend. All three are correct spellings.”

  • Aine

It means fire and splendour.”

  • Perun

It refers to God of Lightening and is originated from Slavic. It is also used as good lightning Wyvern names.

  • Medousa

“It means guardian. It is one of the Goddess from Gorgons who has snakes for hair. It is also a myth that whose glance turned anyone who looked at them to stone.”

  • Alina

“It means bearer of light.”

  • Brenna

“It means Blazing Light.”

  • Xiuhcoatl

“It is referred to weapon of destruction and fire serpent.”

  • Apep
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“From Egyptian dictionary it means “to slither.” It is believed that it was the evil giant snake or serpent dragon. It was the enemy of the sun god.”

  • Ryoko

“It means a woman who can work for anyone and is considered to be a dragon.”

  • Arrow

“It means dragon slayer.”

  • Ryoko

“In Japanese, it means “she who is like a dragon.”

  • Draco

“It is another word from dragon and the word is originated from Greek.

  • Wyvern

“In Anglo-French origin, it means “dragon.”

  • Lormungand

“It means ‘Giant Pole.’ It is originated from the Old Norse Jormungandr. It is the name of World Serpend which lies beneath the earth and below the ocean.

  • Raiden

“It is a Japanese word which means lightning or thunder.”

  • Drogon

“It is an English originated word which means “dragon”. It is the dragon’s name from Game of Thrones; The Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragon.”

  • Tanwen

“It means White Fire.”

Male Fire Dragon Names

These male dragon names are very significant as well as attractive. It will be quite difficult to choose one because all of the names are interesting. They even have unique meanings.  The names are a little difficult to pronounce but have an exceptional meaning attached to it.

Here’s a list of Male Dragon Names to choose from

  • Ehecatl

“Wind Serpent in Aztec Religion”

  • Orochi

“It is known as a Big Snake in Japanese. It is believed that an eight-forked serpment was killed by the god-hero named Susanoo. The serpent demanded sacrifice of young girls.”

  • Astarot

“Leader or the chief. Someone who leads is Astarot”

  • Nilakanta

“A hindi name which means Blue-Throated. It is said that this title was given to naga king named Vasuki.”

  • Fafnir

“Fafnir was a dwarf who later turned into dragon.”

  • Chua


  • Coatl


  • Kai

“Kai in Scottish means fire.”

  • Herensuge

“In Basque Language, it refers to a famous dragon”

  • Ladon

“It is named after a river god and a dragon with 100 heads. It is a Greek word.”

  • Longwei

     “It is a Chinese word which means DRAGON GREATENESS”

  • Ladon

“It is a Greek name which is given to River god. The river god was very popular and it had hundred heads. Its responsibility was to protect the garden of the Hesperides. It was believed that he is the cleansing of the river.”

  • Nithe
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“It means serpent and dragon at the same time”

  • Ormr

     “It means snake, dragon and serpent.”

  • Glaurung

“This is the name of wingless, fire-breathing, dragon known as ‘The Deceiver’ and ‘Father of the Dragons’. It was a trickster dragon and was a slain by Turin.”

  • Ophiuchus

       “It is a Greek word for serpent bearer.”

  • Pendragon

“It means chief dragon. The Head of Dragons”

  • Tatsuya

“It is a Japanese Sign which means Dragon.”

Red Dragon Names

Having a tough time searching for red dragon names? We have curated a list of red dragon names which are fierce and enthralling.

  • Bomris

“It Means champion of the black.”

  • Quetzalcoatl

It is an Aztec Nahuatl name. It means feathered serpent. It is believed that it has the name from the god of the sky.

  • Reombarth

“It means the quiet and silent one.”

  • Shesha

“This name came from Sanskrit root which means ‘whatever that remains’. As per Hindu beliefs, this is the name of a naga king of serpents. It is one of the primal beings of creation.”

  • Starblaze

“It means comet.”

  • Veles/ Volos

“According to beliefs, this is the name of a god of the earth, underworld, dragons, cattle, magic, and trickery. He is considered to be an enemy of Perun. It is described as being horned and serpentine and It is a variant form of Slavic Volos. It means which means ox.”

  • Snowfall

“It means a fall of snow.”

  • Choryrth

“It means “the Lord of dragon.”

  • Edith

“It is names after a Saint Edith Stein, who was a German-Jewish philosopher. He eventually became a patron saint of Europe after converting to Catholicism.”

  • Etoirir

“It means champion of the blue.”

  • Clea

“This is a shortened name for Themisoclea. He was one of the first European Philosopher and is also known as Aristoclea.

  • Brinsop

“The name of a small hamlet north-west of Hereford, England.”

  • Dezenym

“It means the voiceless one or someone who is silent.”

  • Hannah

“Hannah Arendt was an American philosopher who was born in Germany. She is also a political scientist and best known for her work in totalitarianism.”

  • Jergintarth

“It’s meaning is the fire starter.”

  • Annabelinda

“It is English compound name derived from the Latin Anna. It means favor or grace. German Belinda is a beautiful serpent.

  • Unniass

“It means the powerful one.”

  • Judith

“Judith Jarvis Thomson was an American philosopher. Judith was elected to the American Philosophical Society because of her work on the trolley problem.

  • Archion
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“ Archion was a chief magistrate in ancient Athens.”

Names For Dragons

These are names for dragons which are unique and cool. You can use these names for blue, black, red, and white dragons. These are powerful and awe-inspiring.

Here’s a list of names of dragons you can choose from:

  • Vipor
  • Battalion
  • Vermithrax
  • HumbleWard
  • Haku
  • Humiliation Hymend
  • Helios
  • Eiumuth
  • Hyperion
  • Ormr
  • Hatuibwari
  • Longwei
  • Illuyankas
  • Kaida
  • Jabberwock
  • Draco
  • Jormungandr
  • Flanno
  • Dracul
  • Galinda
  • Hypatia
  • Gillotyne
  • Laura
  • Glismoda
  • Coppelia
  • Macrina
  • Drusilla
  • Hamnet
  • Mary
  • Ruth
  • Badcock
  • Hedwig
  • Rotha
  • Bonaventure
  • Alan
  • Ember
  • Briony
  • Engana
  • Simone
  • Arthur
  • Democritus
  • Bullet
  • Dant
  • Everest

You can choose from these names and select your favorite one. These names are unique and attractive. Such savage names are interesting and they even sound good while you hear them. Try to choose the name according to the personality of the dragon. This will help you name it better and choose the best name for it.

There are ample of names on this list. You can also come up with your own. These names are categorized and you can choose as per your requirement. Since these names are unique and difficult to pronounce, you can choose a name that you find a little easy. Although, difficult names are not a problem in this case.

If you are still confused to select a name for a dragon, these are simple steps you can follow:

  • Brainstorm and make a list of all the names that come to your mind. You can even scroll through the internet.
  • Avoid hard spell names but if you can remember, you are good to go.
  • Have good internet research on names and types of names before finalizing something.
  • Choose a meaningful name and convey a message through it. Many websites on Google have meanings of their name.
  • Name your dragon according to its personality. If your dragon is fun and lively, you can pick a savage and lively name for it or if your dragon is serious, you can choose a reserved name for your dragon.
  • Try and speak that name at least a few times so you know if you can pronounce it or not.

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